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  • good actor...

    I've only seen Muse Watson in NCIS as retired agent Mike Franks and I love his character. He's my favorite recurring role of the show. I think Muse brings a lot to the character and makes him dynamic. It was interesting to learn that Muse was dyxlexic (spelling?). How can you learn lines that way? That's amazing. For a man with those disablilities to do so well in acting, that's just amazing. Anyways, I would love to see him in more roles. He plays Franks very well and I can see him playing a starring role for a show. Overall, he's a very talented actor.
  • empty

    Great actor. His sytle is something unique and I think that what makes him stand above of some actors, is the way he potrays his roles, they are always very well done and all of his roles are always perfect for him. I have seen in some good movies, but I must say that I really like him as Charles Westmoreland in Prison Break. I really like him.