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    • Muse Watson: With film you have to go to a movie theatre and sit and watch someone have a conversation. In TV, 10 minutes after the broadcast you have 100,000 posts on your web site from the audience telling you what they liked and what they didn't like. In the next episode, you get what you want or the show is cancelled.

    • Muse Watson: I'm sixteen years sober after looking the devil right square in the face and have had brain surgery, heart and lung surgery and back surgery. My philosophy is that life is about facing your fears. If you want to scare somebody? You may wanta try somebody else.

    • Muse Watson: (about being dyslexic and having any tricks to help memorize dialogue) I go to sleep with my lines playing on a tape machine that has a repeat function. I wake up totally off book. And when people send me scripts, my wife reads them and tells me whether I want to do them or not.

    • Muse Watson: Are movies worse today and TV better...or is the audience so impatient, so immature, so interested in instant gratification that only the quick cuts of television are satisfying the public's need for stimulation? When is the last time you talked with someone that you weren't interrupting their sentences and they weren't interrupting yours? No one waits for an entire line of dialog in his or her personal lives. No wonder their perfect entertainment has become out of focus, ill lit, quick cuts at a pace that is faster than their real lives. Film has nuance...the audience doesn't have time for nuance anymore.

    • Muse Watson: (talking about what convinced Muse to play in "House of Grimm") The barn needed a roof.

    • Muse Watson: (about how he conjured up the character of Ben Willis) After finding the character in me, by studying the script and asking him to take over my body...I didn't have much trouble conjuring him as needed. Now that I have a daughter of my own, I realize that the producers saw Ben in me. I thought I was acting. LOL. I realize now, that Ben's feelings are close to what mine might be under the circumstances.