Birth Name




Muse consists of Matthew Bellamy (Guitar), Chris Wolstenholme (Bass), Dominic Howard (Drums) and hail from Teignmouth, Devon.

It's hard to say which exact genre Muse are, so I'm not going bother as their sound is new, fresh, and easily never copied, and therefore is remarkably unique. A huge factor for this bands stand-alone status is the gifted Matt Bellamy on vocals as his voice is THAT distinct, it is easy to recognize the band because of it.

The seeds of 'Muse' first came about when Matt, Dom and Chris formed 'Rocket Baby Dolls' and entered a “battle of the bands” competition. On the back of them winning it, they noticed a bed of anger in that setup as they destroyed everything on the stage. They realized that they could use that anger to their advantage and so instead of a violent, ill-tempered 'Rocket Baby Dolls' was then renamed to a band that was full of peace and tranquility, but still had that feel of hate and pain, that name was 'Muse'.

Muse came out with their self-titled EP in 1998, with such soon to be classics such as 'Uno', 'Cave', 'Overdue'. In 1999 Muse came out with their first album 'Showbiz', an album that wasn't as well known as the albums to follow. Though it did feature the EP singles, plus an array of other greats. It was easily an album of peanut butter, jam, and then the both combined as it included songs of melody, and then songs of heavy chords, and then the two combined.

Riding the small wave of 'Showbiz'. In 2000, Muse released 'Origin of Symmetry' and it is easy to say that this was the album that made Muse a British phenomenon. A fresh sound with great songs with great lyrics, with the anthem on the album being 'Plug In Baby' as it reached the Top 20 of the UK singles chart. The way Muse blended light segments of a song with heavy chords, songs like 'Bliss', 'Hyper Music' and 'New Born' display this to a T.

After a successful European Tour, a shelf of world renowned awards like Kerrang's 'Best Live Act', Muse followed it up with their 2003 album release 'Absolution'. The album conveyed a "to the heart feel" of songs like 'Sing for Absolution', 'Butterflies and Hurricanes', 'Falling Away With You' and 'Thoughts of a Dying Atheist', examples that show this viewpoint so well.

Recently releasing their 5th studio album entitled "Black Holes & Revelations", Muse have turned to yet another source of inspiration which makes listeners believe "can they do no wrong". BHAR involves more synthesizer work which gives the songs and the album as a whole an 80s feel unrivaled by anyone, yet a feel like the listener has been "there" before. And which Muse releasing the first single (Supermassive Black Hole) off the new album and it reaching #4 in the UK singles chart, the only way is up in the immediate future for this rock trio.

All in all, Muse have done something that is becoming more rare by the day, started with nothing, believed in their music and ability, and tweaked with a formula that was over done in the modern age, and reformed it to a sound that was unique.

Well and truly a case of "the caterpillar turning into the butterfly".