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  • Muse... the marmite of music, you either LOVE them or you HATE them... it is very hard to find an in between. Personally, just try them out.

    I've been a Muse lover since 2001 if my memory serves me right and i don't know if it's my blind love for the band and all that they represent, but I seriously can't think of any bad Muse songs. If I HAD to name some, it would only be because they weren't AS GOOD as the other songs on the album.

    Muse take in all of the music and the styles of the characters performing in the current day and even time gone by, and they tweak and remove and add and multiply till they are left with their own style, a fresh, bold style that 99.99% of the time has never been done before, when I think is great.

    Many songs nowadays sound the same, not even songs, collective artists and albums, only last week I was listening to the radio and I would like to see myself as a guy with modern-age musical-knowhow and it took me 5 minutes and a radio host for me to realise the artist singing the song. But then you get the rare few artists that have a voice, a guitar riff, a drum solo, that SOMETHING that makes them standout and makes them highly noticable, and I personally believe Muse have all of this AND more that makes them standout.

    It is true though, not EVERYONE can fall in love Matthew Bellamy's voice, (so I've heard off others) his voice can grate your head at some points, but I just don't see it, so a word of advice is listen to a Muse song, make YOUR mind up, and much like marmite, you'll love the sound of Muse, or you'll hate it.