Musetta Vander

Musetta Vander


5/26/1969, Durban, South Africa

Birth Name

Musetta van der Merwe



Also Known As

Musette Vander
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"Okay, Boys, gimme some room-- Momma's gonna have herself some fun!" Musetta said, playing the infamous Lash in the sci-fi classic "Oblivion"; and indeed, Musetta always seems to be having fun when she is acting.

As a native South African Musetta was raised without television, trips…more


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    • Musetta: (comparing her "Xena" role with that for "Wild Wild West") This one beats Munitia. This one is really out there!

    • Musetta: (on guest starring on "Xena") It`s really fun to do. It`s really great to have women battling it out like this, just for the fun of it!

    • Musetta: (on why she gets so many sci-fi/action roles) I have a dance background. I think that`s what leaned me into getting this kind of work. It`s easier, I guess, than for somebody who doesn`t have that kind of a background. I naturally take to kicking or being flexible and making the moves.

    • Musetta: That`s the part I like about acting. Its not every job where you can just dress up and become all these different characters... all these crazy people. I`m finding it quite wonderful!

    • Musetta: (on her costume for "Xena") It`s a lot of action, a lot of hard work and some pain in these metal costumes. There`s a lot of lacing in it; it takes quite a while to lace me into it in the mornings. I have two people working on me at the same time and it takes 15 minutes, maybe a little longer. I stay in it the entire day, and by the end I`m quite happy to take it off! I tell you, it`s a tough job being a tough chick!