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  • Way to ruin CTU

    Might as well have resurrected Bill Buchanan instead of this guy! just watched first 2 episodes of 24's season 8 and I am sick with this guy's acting as Hastings!
  • Bad Character... bad actor

    I don´t like this character. It seems that he is going to leave CTU very soon.
    And I don´t like how he act. From the first line he says in this season I can´t believe that he is acting in 24. With my sister we watch every episode, but we laugh every time Hasting makes his appearence. I don´t believe one word he is saying. And always put the same face, he move like a muppet. He moves his head as he has no neck. Please put Chloe to run CTU or Renee... But please put Hastings away.

    This is the only thing wrong with this season of 24. The rest is perfect. I don´t know how they do it, it get better every chapter!!
  • Get rid of Brian Hastings! Don't ruin a great show!

    I have been watching 24 since day 1. I will get right to the point and say I am sorely disappointed in the character Brian Hastings! I can't believe for a second that he is still on the show after the first 4 hours. He is the ignorant character you have there just to kill off at the very beginning so you can bring in your "real" CTU Director. He's a joke. In order to get to the position he is in you probably need some experience. The fact that the show seems to protray that I as a teacher have more experience in CTU is commical.