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Myles grew up in remote communities in Western Australia where his father was a school principal and his mother taught music. Although they moved every two to five years, Myles spent the latter part of his high-school years in Perth. After graduating from university with a communications degree,…more


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    • He's born on the 4th November 1972

    • Myles's character Nick Ryan was killed at the end of Season 5. On the official website, however, Myles tells fans that he will be returning to McLeod's Daughters for a few more episodes in Season 6. Is Nick really dead, or will he miraculously return to sweap Tess off her feet again?

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  • Myles might be leaving?

    I am a huge fan of the show, but I had no idea that he was thinking of leaving! He is one of my many favorites and if he does he will be sorely missed! Him and Tess really made the show! I can\'t see it being the same without him.
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    Myles is such a sweetie! I love watching him with \"Tess\". This is by far my favorite show on t.v. I do love the whole cast but Myles is definatley my favorite. He could be my dream man! Congratulations to the whole cast and I will definately continue to watch.