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    • Myron: (on the current state of sports journalism) Nowadays, you find the dirt, you put it in print. It's writing for the sake of profit. I hear this excuse from the practitioners of this crap that "we only give the public what they want." That's a lot of bull. It's an abdication of responsibility.

    • Myron One thing I really looked forward to when I retired was reading books that have nothing to do with sports. I became an ignoramus because I concentrated so much on preparation for the talk show.

    • Myron: (to the program director of WTAE Radio, after being offered a job) Don't try to kid me. I've heard my voice on tape.

    • Myron Cope: (referring to Washington owner Daniel Snyder who complained about his team being called the "Wash Redfaces") If that boy billionaire thinks he can shut me up, he should stick his head in a can of paint.

    • Myron Cope: (referring to the Cincinnati Bengals) The Bungles have lived up to their name once again!