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  • What a beautiful woman and fantastic actress!

    This woman should be in the movies! I cannot believe that movie directors have not taken notice of her! I can pinpoint a star a million miles away and Nadia is Star Material! She is much prettier than Angelina Jolie! Come on people, you need to wake up. Viewers are getting tired of the oldies but goldies like Angelina and Jennifer! Time to move some fresh star material into the arena!! She also has a beautiful voice! I would love to see her in a movie on the screen!! I can see casting her in a romantic comedy. She would be equal to Kate Hudson! Cast her with Leonardo DiCaprio and watch the money pour in!! Only with Leonardo it would need to be an action/love story! She needs to get a new agent, one that will promote and get her a better job than daytime soaps. I love daytime soaps, but what a waste of talent!