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  • The Stranger

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    S 1 : Ep 12 - 11/24/98

    While Rachel is struggling to decide if she wants to move away with her father, Visser Three sets a cunning trap. He captures Ax and lures in the rest of the Animorphs. When it all looks hopeless, a mystical figure, the Ellimist, offers the Animorphs a dangerous choice.moreless
  • The Reaction

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    S 1 : Ep 11 - 11/17/98

    After Cassie and Rachel save a boy from a crocodile pit, Cassie begins to lose control of her morphing ability, the result of an allergic reaction to the crocodile DNA. Meanwhile, Cassie has been invited to the Larry and Linda Show where the famous star, Jason Jon McCole is also a guest talking about The Sharing. The Animorphs must find a way to stop Jason Jon McCole before millions of rabid female JJM fans decide to join The Sharing.moreless
  • Lithia

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    S 4 : Ep 17 - 7/3/98

    It is 2055 and the post-apocalyptic world is populated exclusively by
    women; all the men were killed in the Great War and the Scourge that
    followed. Into this matriarchy comes Major Jason Mercer (David Keith),
    who was cryogenically frozen forty years earlier and now awakened in
    Lithia. Lithia is a small agricultural enclave overseen by a group of women
    that include the regal elder Hera (Julie Harris), Ariel (Claire Rankin),
    Miranda (Nadia Capone) and Pele (Kirsten Williamson). Mercer's arrival
    sparks a debate about the nature of men among some women and
    revives long-dormant sexual feelings in others. The debate intensifies as
    Mercer, seeing the enclave's poverty and primitive tools, begins to repair
    the community's broken machines and pushes Miranda, the group's trade
    representative to barter with Hyacinth, a neighboring community, for
    electricity to run the machines. Over the objections of the elders, Mercer
    gets the machines running by stealing power from Hyacinth's dam. But,
    can Mercer revive the world of men, without also bringing back the
    violence, anger and death which led to his gender's extinction?