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Nadine Toyoda

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    • Similar to fellow female drifter Verena Mei, Nadine's drift car of choice is a Nissan 240SX.

    • Nadine is a big Hello Kitty fan and even has a stuffed one hanging in her race car.

    • Nadine was the 2005 SEMA guest driver for the drifting portion of the Ride-Along Event. This event provides fans the opportunity to watch and even ride along with professional drivers.

    • Since 2000, Nadine has been on the Event Planning committee for Southern California's 240SX owners club (SoCal 240SX).

    • Nadine is currently the Director of The Drifting Pretty Program. The program was created to assist and educate women in learning how to drive drift cars and teach them about drift racing.

    • In 2004, Nadine founded Team Drifting Pretty, the first all-woman competition drifting team in the United States.

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