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  • theprettiest actress I've ever seen


    me gustaria conocerte en personaSra. Velazquez , me encanta tus ojos casta?os .

    me parece que eres una dama de muy buena honda , una persona con quien , quiza podre pasar el tiempo , eres una actriz bien chistosa , ya tiempos me haces pensar.

    bueno , como te dije al principio me encantaria conocerte , en la verdad no puedo decir que soy tu fan #1 , pero eso , pronto se cambiara.

    bueno , bucsame en FaceBook bajo el siguiente nombre

    Antonio Ramon Perez Flores

    gracias , Que Dios Me LA Bendiga

    bye :) ;)

  • Sure she is hot, but she can't act.

    OK so like the other reviewers, I think Nadine is incredibly hot, and I would love to see her naked, but I can't base my review on that alone. I am a fan of My Name is Earl, and the fact is, I think her acting brings this show down. When you put Velazquez next to great actors like Jason Lee, Jaime Pressley, and Ethan Suplee, her lack of acting skills truly shows. Her accent helps cover up her inability, but it definitely doesn't excuse sounding like she is reading off of cue cards every time she has a line.
  • She's gorgeous, beautiful, cute, sexy, yeah.. Everything! :D I am a great fan of her.

    Probably one of the sexiest and cutest women alive I would say! :D She's also a very good actress.

    She was born in Chicago, on November 20th, 1978! Her parents are Puerto Rican immigrants, and she's 164 centimetres tall. After modelling a couple of years she moved to Los Angeles she began her actress career. The first film she appeared in was the actionfilm "Biker Boyz".
    After her debute she was later on seen in a couple of other movies. Today she plays Catalina in the show My Name Is Earl which I am also a great fan of! I love latinas and she's one of them. ;)
  • empty

    Though her filmography has not been on the greatest, I really like her as an actress in the series "My Name is Earl". I think that she is very pretty and she knows who to play that role correctly, I really like her style and the way she acts and basically everything she does on the show is really funny and great and well done.
  • Smokin' Hot

    What can I say. She\'s a great actress and her sense of humor comes shining through in her character. Plus she\'s stunningly beautiful. I want to marry her and have her baby. LOL I hope to see lots more of her in the future. Perhaps a spinoff. No such luck, I\'m sure.