Naima Mora

Naima Mora


3/1/1984, Detroit, Michigan

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Naima (Top Model)
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Naima Mora (born March 1, 1984 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American fashion model and the winner of Cycle 4 of America's Next Top Model. Naima has 5 sisters, including her identical twin, Nia, who is a photographer. Her older sister Ife Mora, (born 1977) is a vocalist,…more


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  • Naima is the best!

    What can I say, I expected Naima to win from the start. She's beautiful and gorgeous but her pictures aren't as strong as Kahlen's but her runway walks and challenges she excelled. What i like about her is that when she wins and if she got to choose someone, she chose different people. I didn't like it when she didn't choose kahlen probably because of strategy. Naima totally rocked the final exams but somehow I liked Kahlen's covergirl ad. Well Naima won and she's like the prettiest winner ever. she's unique, chic, cool and really a ballerina girl with such a talent.moreless
  • Naima Mora is definitely the best winner of "America's Next Top Model." If she were to go against all the other winners in some cycle 120000 of the show, she'd definitely win.moreless

    Although at first you might think Naima Mora wouldn't have a chance, it doesn't take you long to realize she is actually the most real person on these dumb shows. She has this natural edge that tells you she's REAL and she's also incredibly adorable (and i don't call people adorable). I've seen her being interviewed and she has the cutest voice ever!!

    I think she's definitely going to become something BIG, bigger than all the other winners could be. There's something about her personality, not to sound completely dumb but as Tyra said, she has this amazing aura that just attract all these people (which is why she was a fan community favorite) Her mohawk was wicked cool btw, not many people can pull that off lol.

    ummm I think she's awesome and uhhh....I don't even like shows like that but she made me watch it.

    I also think it's funny how her favorite movie is Whale Rider seeing as she and Keisha Castle-Hughes look A LOT a like....which is weird because i think i wrote a review for Keisha too....

    hmmm. I don't know i guess i like their look lol.moreless