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  • From not so good to one of the best!

    As a lifelong sci-fi fan I was naturally going to watch Deep Space Nine. Initially the character of Kira Nerys was not a good one (along with a few others) but it was more a problem with writing and the development of the character than with the acting. It didn't take long for Nana Visitor to make the character interesting and eventually turn Kira Nerys into one of my favorite characters in the Star Trek universe.
  • Nana Visitor

    Most Recent Role: Jean Ritter on Wildfire
    Alias Name(s): Nana Tucker, Nana Tucker Visitor, Nana Tucker Visitor
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
    Birthday: 7-26-1957
    Birth Name: Nana Tucker

    A New York native, Nana was born and raised on the westside, in and around the theater district. The daughter of theatrical parents, Nana's father was a Broadway choreographer, and her mother, a ballet instructor. Nana herself began to study ballet in her mother's studio at age 7, and by the end of high school, was tapping her way to Broadway. She is best known for her role in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." She currently stars on ABC Family's "Wildfire." Nana Visitor is a talented actor.
  • Nana Visitor was great in DS9, and is great again in ABC Family's Wildfire!

    Nana Visitor is wonderful. I grew to love Kira Nerys on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Nana was very convincing as the wounded Bajoran warrior. She was a really strong female character, definitely a role model to young girls.

    I was absolutely thrilled to find out that she was in Wildfire! I'm a big fan of horses and horseback riding, and hadn't heard she'd been in it. During the premiere when they rolled her name in the credits, I hollered at my boyfriend about it!

    Really hope to see Wildfire go another season, as it's been great so far. Nana is the perfect fit for the rold of Jean Ritter. I really hope that they can save the farm from going under!
  • Highly Underrated

    Nana Visitor is an oustanding actress. She really needs to be a household name. She captured me in her portrayal of Kira Nerys on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and the only reason I ever tuned into Wildfire was because of her. The entire cast has made me stay tuned in though.

    A lot of people haven't heard of her, and I'm not surprised. She's mostly a sci-fi geek's kind of actress, but I'm hoping she'll gain some serious mainstream exposure with Wildfire.

    Too bad she's probably shooting herself in the foot with an upcoming Sci-fi made for TV movie with Bruce Boxleitner.