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    • Nancy Anne Sakovich (about the chance to explore her character in Psi Factor): In the first season, all the characters were in the same boat, in that there wasn't time to know anything about them personally. Now the hour allows us all to reveal more of who these people are.

    • Nancy Anne Sakovich: (about co-star, Micael Moriarty): He never changes his performance based on whether it's your close-up or his.

    • Nancy Anne Sakovich (about Canaian Rower, Silken Laumann): She refused to succumb to twists of fate. After the accident in which she almost lost her leg, she wasn't going to let it stop her from her dreams.

    • Nancy Anne Sakovich: Everyone has the ability to control their own fate.

    • Nancy Anne Sakovich: I always say go big or go home.