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  • Nancy Cartwright is the voice of Bart Simpson.

    Nancy Cartwright is a great voice actress she plays characters such as Pistol from Goof Troop and Bart from the Simpsons another thing i noticed on the Goof Troop christmas special she said ''Like,don't have a cowbell man'' that is a reference to Bart's catchphrase of course she also plays Bart this girl is very talented and famous due to the Bart simpson role please do more roles Nancy because your'e so talented.
  • A very impressive voice

    While most people are ware that Bart Jojo Simpson is voiced by a woman, many don't realise just how impressive that is - Nancy Cartwright can actually voice male characters.

    While I only know her from her work on The SImpsons since most of her other roles are for kids shows, Nancy voices many good characters in the show including my favourite child character on the show, Ralph Wiggum.

    When phrases such as "Ha ha!", "eat my shorts!" and "my cat's breath smells like cat food" come out of one woman, it is definitely impressive and is why this is one voice actor the simpsons definitely couldn't survive without!
  • Bart from 'Simpsons'....

    Nancy plays Bart, a boy who likes to prank and be the amin jokester all the time, in the famous Tv show about a wacky family 'The Simpsons'. Although, earlier I thought that Jank Azaria was voice of Bart (don't ask). He plays a lot of roles in the show, besides Bart one fo the lead charaters...
  • Voice actress on the Simpsons, doing Bart and others.

    Nancy Cartwright is brilliant I tell you, BRILLIANT!!!!! Bart Simpson is brought to life all because of her. Great as Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, Kearney and all the other characters she plays, too. She is a true voice acting genius with soo much talent. She is totally one of my idols. i WISH I could do voices like she does. She is fantastic. Seriusly, how many more describing words can I use to describe her awesomeness??? I would go grab a thesaurus, but I won't bother. I think you all get tha I like her and think she is brilliant.
  • empty

    A professional in all voice acting, Nancy Cartwright does a few voices on the Simpsons including Bart Simpson, Nelson, Todd and Ralph. She is very talented.
  • She is a all-time great.

    Nancy is probably the best voice actress in america. She is also the best female voice actress who only does voices for boys in her shows. Well what do you expect from the lady who got taught by one of the best voice actors in the history of cartoons. She does the voices of some of my favorite characters. Bart from the simpsons, Rufus from Kim Possible, and Chukie from Rugrats. It did take her about 4 months to responde to my letter. But she still signed a picture of Bart saying Yo Jacob. If you want to know he address to send her a letter and get a signed picture of a character she does go to
    peace out
  • at first i thought she was average but now i dont think she is

    i dont know what shge really sounds like but i know as chuckie from rugrats and bart simpson from the simpsons whats next for nancy cartwritgh ill never know?????????? her voice is very strange but charming i think she should guest star on avatar the last airbender so i give her a 10 out of 10
  • She is absolutly great

    She has a great voice, and can do many different voices. Its amazing that she can do BOY voices. Actually, the majority of voices she does are boy voices. Afteral, it is usually easier for boys to do girl voices than it is for girls to do boy voices, but not in her case. She also voices three of my favorite characters in different tv shows. Chuckie (from rugrats), Rufus, (Kim possible, although I dont really like the show, I still like rufus), and of course, Bart Simpson. Although, I didnt know she voiced Phantasmo, so, I think that lilo and stitch episode will always have its place on my favorite list.

    In conclusion: Nancy Cartwright is my favorite voice actress.
  • She's so cool!

    She is AWESOME! If you're a Nancy Cartwright fan, I highly recommend her book "My Life as a Ten-Year Old Boy." It was awesome and perfect if you want to brush up on your Nancy Cartwright trivia (?!). She is an incredible voice-over talent and is really good with everything she does.
  • It's like she swallowed two tonnes of helium and a couple of campbell soups when she was three!

    Nancy Cartwright... I've known her name since I started watching The Simpsons. Since then I've discovered that she's been playing more dudes than... well, a dude. From Bart Simpson to Rufus Something in Kim Possible, if you watch an animated show, she has more than likely had at least one cameo appearence. She is indeed a very talented woman, who has flown around the world for interviews, and interviewers have flown around the world to see her. I guess if I could ask her one question it would be, have you ever played a female character? Seriously! The girl sounds like a dude!
    Well, that's all, see yas!
  • she plays boys on some tv shows. thats alot better then any hilary duff or lindsay lohan can do

    she should have been bigger. she is a great voice actress. she has a veriety of voices. then alot of people just do one voice for everything. she has a great voice. nancy is great on the simpsons and on rugrats. i just think she is a great actess and should do alot more.
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  • Great

    Nancy Cartwright was born in Ohio in 1959. Her mentor was Daws Butler. He helped her get into the voice acting buisness. Nancy is the memorable voice of Bart Simpson, Ralph Wiggum, Chuckie, and many other famous cartoon characters. She has written her own book "My Life As A 10-Year-Old Boy". She is really good at playing the characters that she does in the Simpsons and other shows. I especially like her fo the voice of Bart Simpson.

    Over All: Voices Great 9.0

    Parts that she plays Great 10.0 Perfect

    Overall for Nacy Cartwright 9.0

    That isall for my review of Nacy Cartwright.
  • Nancy Cartwright is a superb voice actor, but I think she would be tired of voicing a 10 year old boy for about 16-17 years!

    She voices Bart Simpson and more on The Simpsons. While she does great in those roles, she could improve on them some. I also know that she voices Rufus on Kim Possible. I think she makes Rufus sound close enough to perfect in this role. I wonder if she's tired of voicing a boy for 16-17 years. Her voice is great sometimes, and somnetimes it sounds bad. But, all in all, she's has a good voice, great talent, and she's funny.
  • She sounds like a dude, man!

    (Simpsons Related)
    Back in the day, this would have been a 10/10! But sadly, the show has been declining. They just didn't know when to pull out. The show peaked during the late 90s, but since 2000 it has been on a downhill slope getting worse with every season. The plots are dull and don't seem to go anywhere filled with awful jokes.

    The jokes themselves are no longer original, but rather just follow the formula of older jokes and are written poorly. The voicework is still good, its just annoying seeing the same old jokes over and over. Homer is fat, Bart is dumb, Moe suicidal etc. Nothing is original anymore. And the wit is no longer there either.

    The show was good in its prime, but it has taken a huge fall. The movie coming out doesn't help anything.
  • Not bad. Her female roles are good but her male roles SUCK!!!

    Nancy Cartwright is just okay. But i have to be honest. Her male roles totally SUCK except Bart Simpson. That was the only male role of hers that was actually good. Her other Male roles like Chuckie Finster sucks completely. Even for All Grown Up. I don't know why many people her so much.

    But i really enjoy her female roles like Pistol Pete from Goof Troop. She sounds so cute and her role of Lu from Mike, Lu & Og was very good. So there is a part of me where i really like her.