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  • i understand she has donated $10 million to Scientology please spend some time seeing the other side of scientology here: These are OT VII's and left scientology for reasons they explain in the following 3 videos

    Many feel as though you are contributing to Scientology's censorship, fraud, abuse, mind control, coercion, "sec-checks", blackmail, corruption, fair game policy, frivilous lawsuits as goal to bankrupt critics of scientology, etc. You may not have experienced this through your own eyes (or may have already experienced 1 or more of the previous mentioned). But the simple fact remains that many, including me, would kindly like to understand your stance.
    Youtube search - "scientology" (expecially from xenutv1)
    Yahoo/Google search: "dangerous cult" & "dead agenting"
    & "tory Christman" & Operation Snow White" & Operation Freakout" will get you started

    This cult does not deserve Tax-Exempt status