Nancy Grace





10/23/1958 , Macon, Georgia, USA

Birth Name

Nancy Grace




Nancy Grace came from the Atlanta Fulton County D.A.’s Office where she was Special Prosecutor for major felony cases for some ten years. Her record was spotless, all convictions, no losses.
Now hosting ‘Closing Arguments’, Court TV’s program of trial coverage from around the country, her analysis is stunning and her candor is incredible.
Not just a series host, she is also an author, a victim’s advocate, has made guest appearances on numerous talk shows and news programs.
Grace, was a Law Review graduate of Mercer Law School, received her LLM in constitutional and criminal law from New York University, has written articles for the American Bar Association Journal, various law reviews, and more.
Nancy was also a litigation instructor at Georgia State University School of Law and a Business Law Instructor at GSU's School of Business.
Grace clerked with a federal court judge and practiced antitrust and consumer protection law with the Federal Trade Commission.