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  • Nancy Grace is The Worst!

    This Lady blows with the prevailing wind, siding with ratings instead of what is right. It is quite sickening to watch her deal out judgement. Not fair, not impartial. It is always the same, whether we are talking about Casey Anthony, Travon Martin, Whitney Houston, or the Duke Lacrosse players. She has sold her soul, in turn nullifying any good she ever did as a Lawyer. Nancy Grace has zero respect for our justice system.
  • Gets very mean at times.

    Great what she does for victims. Happy for her.
  • Nancy Grace is on the mark! Being a victim of a violent crime herself and of course a prosector for many years and not losing a case speaks volumes about her resolve for justice. Nancy is very loved by her reviewers.

    Nancy is a professional woman, now mother of twins who works very hard to show both sides of the case by bringing on defense attorneys to show the defendants rights. She may not agree with their opinons but she does allow them to state their case. She is very careful to state the defendant is accused but not charged until the charge is actually issued. Smokey the bear is advertised to stop forest fires, "we the people" can be watch dogs to prevent violent crimes by simply calling 911 and notify police if you see a crime, don't be scared.
  • Nancy should have stayed a lawyer.

    I have never been a big fan of Nancy Grace. I watch her show from time to time and most of the time I get mad at her opinion and her rection to what people are saying. I think that she is a big factor in the Melinda Duckett sucide evan if Melinda did do something with her son what right does she have to grill her in the manner she did. If she wanted to question anybody like that why didn't she stay a lawyer so she has a reason to do it. I hope that she loses the lawsuit and she has to leave her show.