Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn


4/28/1958, Skokie, Illinois

Birth Name

Nancy Lee Grahn



Also Known As

Nancy Grahn
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Nancy was born in Skokie, Illinois in 1958. She attended the University of Illinois. Nancy is a single mother to daughter Katherine. Nancy has starred on the soap operas Santa Barbara, One Life To Live and General Hospital. Nancy won a Daytime Emmy Award in 1989 for Outstanding Supporting Actress. more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Great Actress.Underated.

    Great. Funny. General Hospital is very lucky to have her.
  • Nancy Lee Grahn plays Alexis Davis on General Hospital (one of my personal favourites). She has scored her role when she once came face to face with Sonny.

    When I watched General Hospital it had a special touch when Alexis was in it. During the time when Christina was alive, by the way I loved that plot line, and Alexis had her split personality thing going on, the chemistry between her an Sonny was outstanding and I grew to love Alexis Davis. I then saw roles of Nancy Lee Grahn, in shows like Seventh Heaven, which is amazing because if I was not an avid fan of general hospital, I would not have even had noticed her in that show. She is talented, even though I think that her roles in General Hospital is getting a bit redundant. 'she's married, then she not, she's with this person then she's not' I mean I haven't been glued to the TV as I used to in those stages of GH, but if I do turn on the TV to watch GH, I still look forward to seeing her, because she is one genuine actress.moreless