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  • Classy

    Ms. O'Dell,

    You are such a classy lady and I watch ET each evening. I'm impressed with how you carry and present yourself. However, I've noticed this past week that you are "putting your hands on your hips" as you discuss the next bit of video, as opposed to your hands at your side or placed easily in front of you. Is this scripted? This posture really sends an uncomfortable message. Please understand, I am a fan--just observed something different in your behavior.

  • Drug Testing

    Hi Nancy,

    I just wanted to know if all actors should be drug tested before getting hired for movies (just like a job), like us employees and athletics have to. Maybe they will stay clean to actually keep their jobs. Hollywood Cocaine is such a terrible way to describe a movie goers fantasy. Thank you for listening.

  • Nancy Odell

    She wanted to know why the Oscars were not engraved before the !!!!
  • Darn right fabulous, I might say; for someone who appears in her owntalkshows and practically everywhere else, it seems that Nancy has a habit of playing "Where's Waldo" withus TV viewers on the big screenin hopesspotting her taking some acting rolls.


    Ah, now where do I begin on this lovely bonafide fellow whom people call Nancy O'Dell in my latest review (so far), let alone on someone in particular? Well to tell you the truth, I am going to make this super short and sweet: Nancy O'Dell is very mysterious.

  • empty

    I'm not sure what Nancy O'Dell has done in the acting world to make her a viable figure so I'm giving her a generous 1 1/2 stars. I know her only from "Access Hollywood," but there, she's not really acting.