Nancy Olson




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Nancy Olson was born July 14, 1928 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her love for acting brought her to Hollywood as a young woman and in 1948 she became a contract player with Paramount Studios. Her big break came when she was cast in the role of Betty Schaefer in the classic film Sunset Boulevard, for which she earned an Academy Award nomination in 1950. Her co-star in the movie was dashing leading man William Holden and the two went on to star in several more films together, including Union Station and Submarine Command. By the 196os, Olson's career was faltering, but she did appear in some Disney features such as Flubber, The Absent-Minded Professor and Pollyanna. After spending some time trying her hand at Broadway theater in New York, Olson went on to do episodic television throughout the 1970s. After making brief appearances in 1990s remakes of Flubber and The Absent-Minded Professor in the 1990s, Olson retired from acting.