Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi


3/26/1940, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Birth Name

Nancy D'Alesandro



Also Known As

Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
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Born on March 26, 1940, Nancy Pelosi became the first woman, Californian and Italian-American to hold the position of United States House Speaker, when she was elected on January 4, 2007. Married to Paul Pelosi, she has five grown children: Nancy Corinne, Christine, Jacqueline, Paul and Alexandra, as…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Nancy Pelosi has secured funding to doubling the National Institutes of Health's budget, being a strong proponet of increased investments in health research.

    • Nancy Pelosi chaired the Congressional Working Group on China, and has served on the Banking and Financial Services Committee, and the Executive Committee of the Democratic Study Group, as well.

    • Nancy Pelosi is a long-time advocate for world-wide human rights, having done things such as fighting to improve China's human right record, and being a leader on efforts to free the Tibetan people.

    • The creation of the Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS program, was one of Nancy Pelosi's first legislative victories.

    • Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as Speaker of the House of Representatives of the 111th Congress, in January, 2009.

    • Nancy Pelosi represents the city of San Francisco, California, and has more than twenty years of experience in the House of Representatives.

    • Nancy Pelosi is the longest-serving member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, being a member for ten years. She also served on the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct (a.k.a. the Ethics Committee) for six years, and is a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, as well.

    • In 2006, Nancy won the vote for Speaker of the House 233-202.

    • Nancy is married to Paul Pelosi, a native of San Francisco, who is an extremely wealthy stock owner and has millions of dollars in stock from publicly traded companies such as Microsoft, and AT&T. Nancy also continuously tops the list of the richest members of Congress.

    • On December 16, 1998, Pelosi stated that Saddam Hussein "has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology".

    • Nancy Pelosi's brother, Thomas L. J. D'Alesandro III, served as Mayor of Baltimore from 1967 to 1971. Her father, Thomas D'Alesandro Jr, a U.S Congressman from Maryland who first represented the city for five years, also served as Mayor of Baltimore. He served as mayor for twelve years.

    • Nancy received 82% of the vote in the 1992 Race for U.S. House of Representatives - California 8th District. Her closest rival was Republican Marc Wolin who received 11% of the vote. Nancy's vote percentage was up 5% from the 1990 race.

    • Nancy received 76% of the vote in the 1988 Race for U.S. House of Representatives - California 5th District. Her closest rival was Republican Bruce Michael O'Neill who received 19% of the vote.

    • Nancy sponsored the Chinese Student Protection Act of 1992.

    • Nancy Pelosi is pro-choice, and voted "yes" for federal funding of abortion clinics.

    • Nancy Pelosi is the mother of five grown children: Nancy Corinne, Christine, Jacqueline, Paul and Alexandra. She also has seven grandchildren.

    • Nancy is an honorary board member of the National Organization of Italian American Women.

    • Nancy is a Roman Catholic.

    • Nancy was the House Minority Leader of the 107th, 108th, and 109th House of Congress.

    • In American history, Nancy Pelosi is the first woman to lead a major political party in the U.S. Congress.

  • Quotes

    • Nancy Pelosi: (Regarding Plane Crash outside Buffalo, New York, February 13, 2009) The news of the plane crash in upstate New York last night leaves all of us in Congress with a heavy heart today. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who died and with the entire Buffalo community.

      This accident is a tragedy for the entire nation, and a deep, personal loss for so many. Shortly after the terrible tragedy of September 11th, I had the privilege to get to know one of those who died last night: Beverly Eckert. After losing her husband, Sean, on 9/11, she turned her grief into strength by becoming a powerful advocate for improving our national security. I was proud to work with Beverly and so many 9/11 families as we worked to pass legislation to implement the 9/11 Commission reforms. As I told Beverly, without dedicated people like her, there would have been no 9/11 Commission, there would have been no 9/11 Commission recommendations, and there would have been no sweeping changes to make Americans safer.

      I hope it is a small comfort to those who grieve today that so many are praying for them at this sad time.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (Regarding the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial, February 12, 2009) At stake was not just the future of our nation, but the future of free people throughout the world.

      And so, in his annual message to Congress, in 1863, he wrote, 'The struggle of to-day is not altogether for to-day; it is for a vast future also. With a reliance on Providence all the more firm and earnest, let us proceed in the great task which events have devolved upon us.'

      Colleagues and friends: as we honor the bicentennial of the birth of the great Abraham Lincoln, let us proceed in the great task which events have devolved upon us.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (Regarding the 100th Anniversary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, a.k.a. NAACP, February 12, 2009) As a nation, we have made significant strides in correcting the wrongs of our past. That struggle continues today, and the NAACP continues to lead the way as we tackle the next obstacles to full and equal justice for Americans and for all citizens of the world.

      On the occasion of NAACP's 100th anniversary, I salute this vital American institution's dedication to equal rights and equal justice for all. As we honor the legacy of the NAACP, let us all also recommit ourselves to breaking down the lingering barriers of an unjust past and to clearing the way for a more just future.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (Addressing the Obama Administration's Offshore Drilling Announcement, February 10, 2009) From beginning to end, the Bush Administration maintained a single-minded focus on oil and gas drilling above all other forms of energy – releasing a draft plan to vastly expand offshore drilling just four days before President Obama's inauguration.

      The new Administration is stopping this headlong rush to open new offshore areas of drilling, calling for a thorough review, with much greater public participation. And Secretary Salazar is wisely initiating a review of the potential for offshore renewable energy, and moving forward with long-stalled rules to ensure that offshore renewable energy projects can proceed in an environmentally-responsible manner.

      We cannot drill our way to energy independence. But by harnessing all of our domestic energy resources, and aggressively pursuing new technology to unleash them, we move a giant step closer toward energy independence.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (February 6, 2009) This morning's startling job loss numbers show why it is imperative that the Congress act immediately to pass the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to stem the rising tide of unemployment and get Americans back to work. The economic recovery package will create and save more than 3 million jobs and put America back on more solid economic footing.

      With a record 3.6 million American jobs lost in just the last 13 months, we cannot afford to delay legislation that will create new jobs and invest in a stronger economy for years to come. We must complete the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act next week so that the President can sign this critical legislation into law.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (February 5, 2009) With every day that passes, more Americans are caught in the economic crisis, losing their jobs, their health care, and their homes. Last week's record unemployment filings demand action, and action now by the Congress to pass President Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to create and save 3 to 4 million jobs, jumpstart our economy, and put our nation back on course to long-term economic growth.

      The American people cannot afford delay when they or their neighbors are watching their American Dream disappear. Congress must act swiftly and boldly to create jobs and reinvigorate an economy rocked by job losses and home foreclosures. We look forward to the Senate soon completing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act so that we may send it to the President's desk as soon as possible.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (Regarding Black History Month, February 2, 2009) Ending discrimination is a top priority for the 111th Congress. One of the first bills passed by the House, and the first major legislation signed into law by President Obama last week, was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. This bill, which ensures that men and women are paid fairly for the work they do, will have a direct impact on America's women, as well as every boy and girl growing up in our country.

      During this Black History Month, we recommit ourselves to the proposition that all are created equal, all deserve respect, and all have a fair chance to achieve their full measure of economic opportunity and prosperity.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (Addressing the Senate Passage of the State Children's Health Insurance Program, a.k.a. SCHIP) Tonight, 11 million of America's children are one step closer to receiving quality, affordable health care through the State Children's Health Insurance Program, which is critical to supporting hard-working families in these difficult economic times. By ensuring health care for these children, families will get regular doctor visits and preventive care so that minor illnesses do not become more serious, saving parents out-of-pocket medical expenses and avoiding costly emergency room care.

      Now that the Senate has acted, I am confident we will soon send President Obama bipartisan legislation that will make America a stronger and healthier nation.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (In Commemoration of Lunar New Year, January 26, 2009) Please join me to celebrate one of the most auspicious times for many Asian and Asian American cultures: the Lunar New Year. This particular year commemorates the year of the Ox, known for their sustained effort and hard work – qualities we must utilize to meet the enormous challenges facing our economy.

      AAPIs are an influential and significant constituency in San Francisco, my home district, where the Lunar New Year is prominently observed, and I am proud to represent them. Celebrations in the Bay Area will include the Chinese New Year's parade, Losar in the Tibetan community, and Tet in the Vietnamese community – all of which mirror the mix of cultures and festivities that will take place throughout the United States and the world to honor this joyous occasion and the opportunity to be with ones' families.

      My best wishes to all in the Year of the Ox.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (In Recognition of the 36th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade) On the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we reaffirm our commitment to protecting a woman's right to make her own reproductive health care decisions.

      We do so just two days after swearing in a new President who is committed to the fundamental right to privacy. I will work with President Obama, as I have worked throughout my entire career, to ensure a woman's right to choose. That is because decisions about whether to have a child do not and should not rest with the government. We believe a woman - in consultation with her family, her physician, and her faith - is best qualified to make that decision.

      I will continue to work to preserve the right to privacy while promoting a comprehensive approach to reproductive health care, including planning for healthy families, reducing the number of abortions and unintended pregnancies, and providing full and medically-accurate sexuality education.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (Remarks at the Presidential Inaugural Luncheon, January 20, 2009) Today I have the privilege of presenting to the President and Vice President the flags that were there today – flying over the Capitol – during today's historic Inauguration.
      During our lunch, these flags have rested on a table used by Abraham Lincoln as he took the Presidential oath of office for the second time. On that day, he gave an Inaugural Address that some consider to be his greatest speech. He spoke of reconciliation, renewal, and unity for America. Today we heard that same vision from President Barack Obama.
      It is appropriate that the theme of this Inauguration is, 'A New Birth of Freedom,' honoring the 200th anniversary of President Lincoln's birth.
      It is my honor as Speaker of the House, on behalf of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, to present these flags, symbols of our democracy, to the President and Vice President.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (In Recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 16, 2009) Just as Barack Obama's historic inauguration makes this Martin Luther King Day more poignant, our commitment to fulfilling Dr. King's dream must become more powerful. In his too short life, Dr. King showed us the way to build 'the beloved community' of which he spoke. All we need now is the will to make justice a reality for all of God's children.

      May this Martin Luther King Day be one of celebration and service, and may this year be one in which we bring ourselves closer to achieving his dream.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (January 13, 2009) At a time of economic crisis, nothing could be more essential than ensuring that the children of hardworking families receive the quality care they deserve. With more than 2.6 million jobs lost last year alone, Americans are seeing the health care they and their children depend on disappear. By helping working families find affordable health care coverage, this bipartisan legislation will ensure that 11 million of America's children grow up healthy, strong, and ready to learn.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (Washington DC, January 9, 2009) With 2.6 million jobs lost in 2008 and an unemployment rate of 7.2 percent, the American people have inherited an economy from the Bush Administration that is in the depth of recession. Today's dismal jobs numbers show once again what Democrats in Congress have been saying for more than a year: our nation needs a bold economic recovery and reinvestment plan that will create American jobs and put our nation back on track to prosperity.

      We need action now on an economic recovery package that will create jobs, invest in rebuilding America, provide tax relief to the middle class and small businesses, and help working families with health care, education, and other critical services.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (Addressing Leader Boehner, January 6, 2009) It is in that spirit that I pledge to you--let us all pledge to the American people that: we will look forward, not backward; we will join hands, not point fingers; we will rise to the challenge, recognizing that our love of country is stronger than any issue which may divide us.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (Addressing the New York Conference on the Caribbean Community, June 19, 2008) The relationship between the United States and our Caribbean neighbors is based on our shared interest of stability in the region, prosperity and democratic values.

      Central to those interests is education. Today you are discussing how to best promote and increase educational opportunities for your children. I salute your efforts to correct the gender imbalance in education, upgrade teacher education, and thus, ensure your economic competitiveness long into the future.

    • Nancy Pelosi: The holidays are a time to join with family and friends and to celebrate the many blessings bestowed on us. We should also say a prayer this holiday season that the peace we hope for ourselves and for our families is visited upon all the people of the world.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (September 24, 2008) From the West Front of our Capitol next January, a new President will launch a new Administration. As with every inaugural-even when they have occurred in times of turmoil and uncertainty-this event offers the promise of a new beginning.

    • Nancy Pelosi: (September 11, 2008) President Lincoln once referred to the harsh artillery of time, referencing it as something that could dull the memory. Hopefully, the harsh artillery of time will dull the pain for those who suffered so much on 9/11. But there is no harsh artillery of time that will dull our memory of the events that happened that day.

    • Nancy Pelosi: By making college more affordable for all and more accessible for minority students, the first new higher education authorizing legislation in a decade will help strengthen our nation and America's middle class, and spur a new age of innovation and ingenuity in our country.

    • Nancy Pelosi: With Americans worried about losing their jobs, their savings, their homes and their chance at the American Dream, the New Direction Congress will work in a bipartisan way to lift our economy and help America's middle class.

    • Nancy Pelosi: I'm very proud of my leadership of the Democrats in the House of Representatives and proud of them to make history, choosing a woman as their leader. I'm proud of the fact that we have had unity in our party... We have clarity in our message. We know who we are as Democrats.

    • Nancy Pelosi: We're being governed by decree. The president decides on a figure, he sends it over and we don't even get a chance to look at it much before we're called upon to vote on it.

    • Nancy Pelosi: To me, the center of my life will always be raising my family. It is the complete joy of my life. To me, working in Congress is a continuation of that.

    • Nancy: This is a historic moment - for the Congress, and for the women of this country. It is a moment for which we [women] have waited more than 200 years. Never losing faith, we waited through the many years of struggle to achieve our rights. But women weren't just waiting; women were working. Never losing faith, we worked to redeem the promise of America, that all men and women are created equal. For our daughters and granddaughters, today, we have broken the marble ceiling

    • Nancy Pelosi: (making her speech on being elected House Speaker) I accept this gavel in the spirit of partnership, not partisanship, and look forward to working with you on behalf of the American people. In this House, we may belong to different parties, but we serve one country.

  • I'm glad there is a woman speaker of the house, it's just too bad it's her. She is as left wing as Hillary.

    Hey I'm not knocking politics, I'm knocking being so extreme to one side, and actually defying the president and going to a country we aren't friendly with even though it will hurt the U.S. She thinks only for herself and her party and not the nation. She should be thrown out of office, or at least reprimanded for such an action. It shows a total disreguard for her office and for the welfare of the nation. She also has gone against everything she said when she started about working bi-partisanly, they have yet to do that from what I have watched on C-Span.moreless