Nancy Sloan





3/11/1965 , Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Birth Name

Nancy Sloan




Nancy Sloan was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. One of three daughters, she has a younger sister Debbie and an older sister named Shirley. Nancy's mother is a nurse and her father a Baptist minister.

Nancy attended Michigan State University after her family moved there when she was a child, where she majored in Theatre Production. Nancy finished her studies at Kansas State University after a transfer.

Nancy won the role of Katie Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful when she was spotted by a talent scout whilst appearing in the American College Theatre Festival in Iowa City.

Nancy played the character of Katie on a contract basis from 1987-1989. She has continued to appear on the show on recurring basis since, her most recent appearance being in 2001.

In addition to this role, Nancy also appeared in the recurring role of Sally Wales on Days of our Lives in 1989, as well as making guest appearances on MacGyver as Kelly Dobbs and Molly Densmore in 1991.

Nancy enjoys tennis and volleyball.