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  • "Rat Poison"

    Dr. Snyderman,

    I see here, you have no comments. Well, I have a few for you. I always listen carefully when you speak on the Today show, but I don't always follow your advice. (spoken like a true patient!). Several months ago, you compared eating candy as being the same as ingesting poison into your body. THAT stuck.

    I am past middle age now, and have done an amazing job of ignoring problems with my own body: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and "pre"diabetic. When I heard you say that, I thought, "OK, no more candy", and stuck to that for a while until the next "candy" holiday came along. Out the window went the "rat poison" theory.

    Last June, with an A1C reading of 7.8, the doctor I had at Kaiser lectured me for 30 minutes about the need for medication for diabetes. Never once did she say "diet", "nutrition", or "exercise". While I certainly understood the severity of the message, I was really upset by the attitude that it was basically her way or the highway, so to speak. I left that office, furious.

    The first thing I did was call Kaiser and tell them I never wanted to see her again, ever. They assigned me to another doctor, an osteopathic general practitioner. I met with her and set myself up on a regimen of walking as often as I can, watching carbs and cutting as much sugar as possible while being realistic.

    My last A1C reading? 6.6. I've lost 30 pounds, feel better, look better, and as Al Roker has said repeatedly, "I'm never going Ultimately, of course, I will always remember the "rat poison" comment because it helps me when I confront the sugar devil in me, I will always (mentally) thank that doctor at Kaiser for so infuriating me that I vowed "revenge", but ultimately of course, I have to give myself kudos for facing the fight and knowing I can never go back.

    So, even though you don't have too many comments on this site, know you have a fan out here who actually listens to your advice and takes it. "Better late than never" has never been truer!moreless