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  • Trivia

    • Growing up, she was a huge fan of The Andy Griffith Show. Nancy had said on an interview that when she was just a child, she bore a resemblance of Don Knotts in The Incredible Mr. Limpet movie, wearing glasses.

    • Nancy was a huge fan of The Andy Griffith Show. Years later, she would join the cast of Andy Griffith's, Matlock, replacing Linda Purl, in 1987.

    • As a kid, Nancy followed only one soap opera, The Doctors, ironically she grew up to later play a dual role on it.

    • The ornaments on Nancy Stafford's Christmas tree are all handmade by her mother. A tradition that started the year that Nancy was born, Mrs. Stafford makes a new ornament every year that coincides with whatever milestone her daughter has achieved.

    • As a child, Nancy had a dog named Daffodil.

    • Posters of Dusty Springfield graced teenage Nancy Stafford's bedroom walls.

    • Nancy's favorite group when she was growing up was The Monkees.

    • Nancy Stafford has endorsed "City Furniture" in Southern Florida for well over twenty years. She continued to make commercials for them even while appearing on her various series.

    • Ms. Stafford is a prolific author, she has written two best selling books, "Beauty By The Book" and "The Wonder Of His Love." As of 2006 there is a third book in the works...

    • Prior to Nancy assuming the role as Ben Matlock's Assistant, she guested on "Matlock" in the episode "The Seduction" as Karen Nelson/Caroline Nathan.

  • Quotes

    • Nancy Stafford: I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for the painful things that I've gone through in life. God has used them to develop what could never have been formed in me in any other way.

    • Nancy Stafford: (on who has been the most influential person in her life) My mother. She's the funniest human being I know as well as the most capable, strongest, most optimistic and incredibly talented. She's given me a lot to aspire to.

    • Nancy Stafford: I love to write in my journal, just thoughts or insights for the Main Floor Website. I read a lot, too. In fact, Larry and I are secret Sherlock Holmes aficionados.

    • Nancy Stafford: I struggled as a young girl, feeling very rejected, very ridiculed because of my appearance. Then, irony of ironies, after blossoming but still never feeling good enough, I got into the most rejection-prone occupations: model and actress.