Nancy Travis

Nancy Travis


9/21/1961, New York City

Birth Name

Nancy Ann Travis


  • Nancy Travis on Last Man Standing Season 2.
  • Nancy Travis on Last Man Standing.
  • Nancy Travis on Last Man Standing.
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Nancy Travis's television credits include starring roles in the series "Almost Perfect,", "Becker" and "Work with Me" on CBS, and the television movies "My Last Love" and "Fallen Angels." She made her feature-film debut in "Three Men and a Baby." Her other film credits include "Internal Affairs," "Air…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Of course, I believe Nancy Travis is a 10, but I may be a little bit prejudice on this one. It is a NY and Framingham thing. I have known Nancy\\\'s career from the beginning. She is of course energetic as she is talented.moreless

    Nancy has a knack for comedy but she is very talented in serious roles. She is well prepared, well spoken, and able to project her emotions to the camera. Her background in preparation of each role is amazing. Of strong importance, she started with no problems in taking on small roles in the beginning as 3 Men and a Baby and worked her way up to more major roles. I give Nancy a big 10 for all of her efforts and I believe you will see her in major dramatic roles in the future.moreless
  • She's better than people give her credit for.

    It's a shame that Nancy Travis is sometimes tagged with the demise of Becker. I personally enjoyed the show with her in it. (And this is coming from a Terry Farrell fan from DS9 to Becker).

    Travis played a good match to Ted Danson's character then. She also comes shining through in any other role she plays. Anybody who has seen "Stephen King's Rose Red" series will vouch for that. She's also got great timing, both dramatic and comedic so it's a little unfair for anybody to think that she's just Chris "the mid series replacement" for Reggie (Terry Farrell) in Becker.moreless