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  • CHARLIE & PORKY - Porky's Pooch

    Full Episode

    S 40 : Ep 3 -

  • CHARLIE & PORKY - Often an Orphan

    Full Episode

    S 40 : Ep 5 -

  • Happy Easter

    Full Episode


    This special starts where Davey, his Grandmother, and Goliath are all getting ready for Easter. Davey's Grandma tells Davey how she will see his baseball game on Saturday and how they will get together on Easter. After having a heartwarming time at Grandma's, he has to go home. On Thursday after baseball practice, Davey comes only to see his sister crying and the rest of the family upset. Davey learns that his Grandma had passed away, which totally depresses Davey. On Saturday at the game, Davey sulks and can't keep his mind off his Grandma. After walking out of the game, he goes to his Grandmother's house to walk around. They’re the voices of the good times, now gone come rushing to Davey's mind. After not showing up at home, Sally asks where Davey is. John has a feeling that Davey and Goliath are both at the cemetery and that is exactly where they are. John then takes Davey to the outdoor set of a play his Grandma wanted him to see. It is a set with the cross, the tomb, and more. Actors come out to rehearse for tomorrow's Easter play. After the actors perform what happened at the tomb. The angel told the visitors that Jesus has been raised from the dead and that they will see him again. A glow comes across Davey and John tells him that someday he will be reunited with his Grandma and resurrected and that they both will be together again. Davey feels happy once again when he realizes the truth.moreless
  • Lemonade Stand

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 33 - 1/1/62

    Davey asks for his father's help building a lemonade stand and Mr. Hansen says he'll be right out after finishing his coffee. Meanwhile, Sally falls onto her doll carriage and breaks it. She is in a parade shortly and needs it fixed right away. Davey finds his father helping Sally first which leads him to believe his father loves Sally more than him. He soon learns that Sally is late for a parade and understands why she was helped first.

  • Jeep in the Deep

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 38 - 1/5/61

    Davey, his dad, and Goliath drive on to a boat to get to another side. The waves get rough which makes the boat rock back and forth. Eventually, the car starts to move back and forth as well. The car breaks the railing and then falls into the water. Davey and his dad arrange to go with someone to scuba-dive under the water to go and retreive the jeep. Under the water, the guys observe the fish and the wonderful world God created under the sea.moreless
  • Good Neighbor

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 35 - 12/29/60

    It is Good Neighbor week. A celebration parade marches through the city, and Good Neighbor balloons are being handed out to the kids who are good neighbors. Teddy gives his ice cream cone to Davey so that he is a good neighbor, Davey gives his ice cream cone to Goliath because he is a good neighbor, and Jimmy eats his ice cream cone because he is a good neighbor to himself. After ice cream, they go to Mr. Lotts house to rake leaves. Mr. Lotts's arm is broken and the kids help out. The boys get a bon-fire and money out of the task as a reward. Later, on the way to Montgomery Park, a little girl falls off of her wagon and gets her dress caught on it. Jimmy walks by and sees the girl on the ground, but all he cares about it getting the balloon, so he walks by without stopping. Teddy walks by and the girl cries "Help me, help me". Teddy says "I can't. I gotta get my balloon" and then walks off. And then Davey walks by. Davey helps her untangle her dress from the wagon and goes out of his way to help this girl, who is also lost to get home. By the time he gets to get his balloon, there isn't any left. Davey tells his story to Jimmy and Teddy. The story closes with this dialouge.

    Teddy: She's not your neighbor.

    Davey: She is to. She needed help

    Jimmy: Did her mother pay you?

    Davey: I didn't do it for pay.

    Jimmy: You didn't even get a balloon, but I did.... Cause I'm a good neighbor.

    (Then the balloon pops right in Jimmy's face.)moreless
  • A Dillar, A Dollar

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 36 - 12/29/60

    Davey's friend Teddy's mother is very sick, and taking care of her causes the boys to be late for school. When being sent to the Principal's office, Teddy fears to tell the Principal why they were late. Davey steps in and explains what happened and the Principal releases Teddy and Davey to help the sick lady. Later, Teddy feels that he just isn't doing enough. Davey suggests prayer, but Teddy doesn't know God and is scared to talk to God. Eventually he cracks and he prays. Although his mom is still sick, Teddy is then glad that he did "All he can do" for her.moreless
  • The Drive-in

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 13 - 12/23/60

    Fed up with their jobs, Fred and Barney secretly plan to buy a restaurant, but then Fred has to deal with a suspicious Wilma who wants to know why two young girls (carhops who are seeking a job) are calling for him, and what the messages regarding two tons of dino-burger meat mean.moreless
  • Hocus Pocus

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 34 - 12/22/60

    Davey wants to enter a fair for prized vegetables at his Grandparent's farm. Davey thinks that all it is is planing the seeds and then "hocus pocus", you're done. He then finds out that there is a lot more work to planting his prized vegetables, than what meets the eye. As Davey goes on working, he goofs off and is reminded by his Grandfather that he has to spray the insecticide and maintain his vegetables. Davey then goofs off one too many times in the barn, jumping in the hay with his buddy. Sally then notices that there are "pretty little bugs" on the vegetables. She then shows her Grandfather and he said that he warned Davey about it and hoped that Davey will take care of it before it gets out of control. When it's the day of the fair, Davey pulls the vegetables out of the ground. The plants are sick. Davey failed at what was his responsibility and learns what can happen when you "goof off" and not maintain what you need to maintain first.

  • Bully Up a Tree

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 29 - 12/8/60

    Davey is spending his vacation at his Grandparents' house in the country. While shopping in the city, Goliath is supposed to guard the shopping bags. A neighborhood bully's dog steals one of the bags for his master. After the dog takes the bag, Goliath jumps on him. Davey walks out of the store and sees the bully shoot a rock at Goliath with his slingshot. Davey, in defense of Goliath and the bully get into a big fight. After getting all cleaned up, Davey and his buddy Tom fo fishing. The bully is fishing and won't let them fish in their lake. Tommy goes to get his fishing pole which he forgot earlier. The bully then picks it up and throws it in the lake causing Tommy to fall in as well. Later, the bully ends up shooting rocks at a boar for fun. The fang riddled boar turns around and then chases the bully. The bully climbs up a tree to escape and ends up getting stuck. While the bully is stuck up the tree, Davey and Goliath are the only ones around to help him. Still angry at the bully, Davey and Goliath rescue him, apologies are made, and new friendships are started.

  • Big Apple

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 30 - 12/8/60

    Sharing is the theme in this episode when Davey comes across an apple orchard. As he approaches an apple tree, Davey thinks that he can have the apples that are hanging outside of the fence. When he goes to get one for Sally, a fatherless child catches him and lets Sally have the apple. After Sally gets the apple, Davey pressures Sally to share the apple. Eventually when she does, she feels good because she did something nice for others. When Davey learns the apple boy is fatherless, Sally pressures Davey to share their Dad with him. Davey then decides to invite this boy on Davey and his dad's camping trip that they were planning.moreless
  • ROAD RUNNER - Zoom and Bored

    Full Episode

    S 19 : Ep 11 - 9/4/57

    Wile E. Coyote uses a bottle full of bees, a brick wall, a boulder in a catapult, and a harpoon gun in his usual unsuccessful attempts to catch the Road Runner.

  • BUGS & DAFFY - Ali Baba Bunny

    Full Episode

    S 6 : Ep 2 - 2/9/57

    Bugs and Daffy stumble upon a cave full of treasure.
  • BUGS BUNNY - Knight-Mare Hare

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 66 - 10/1/55

    Bugs Bunny gets a seat at King Author's court after an apple hits his head while reading a medieval story. The rabbit wakes up with a knight ready to kill him, and Bugs challenges the noble to duel. Afterwards, the rabbit puts out a dragon's fire and meets the infamous Merlin the Magician.moreless
  • BUGS BUNNY - Hyde and Hare

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 65 - 8/27/55

    After playing again the "timid-little-rabbit" routine, Bugs ask to a man so he's adopted. The man accorded but Bugs not know has this man are a doctor. After drinkin his concoction, the doctor are a horrible monster try to afraid Bugs but never realised that the man and the monster are a only and unique personmoreless
  • SAM & BUGS - Sahara Hare

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 17 - 3/26/55

    Bugs finds himself in the middle of the Sahara Desert, and Yosemite Sam comes to hunt him down.
  • TWEETY & SYLVESTER - A Bird in a Guilty Cage

    Full Episode

    S 13 : Ep 6 - 8/30/52

    Sylvester tries to catch Tweety in a store.
  • SAM & BUGS - Bunker Hill Bunny

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 8 - 9/23/50

    Yosemite Sam tries to steal the Yankees' fort with Bugs Bunny guarding it.
  • BUGS BUNNY - Hillbilly Hare

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 48 - 8/12/50

    Bugs Bunny happily sings "I like Mountain Music" while vacationing in the Ozarks until he encounters Curt Martin pointing a rifle in his face. "Be ya'all a Martin or be ya'all a Coy rabbit?" Bugs replies, "My friends say I'm very coy!" Bugs gives the hillbilly a sob story, then ties his rifle barrel into a bow. He then meets brother Pumpkinhead, who also points his gun at him. The mountainmen chase the rabbit into a powder house full of explosives. Bugs offers them a lighter to help them see. The shack is blown to bits!moreless
  • SAM & BUGS - Big House Bunny

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 7 - 4/22/50

    Bugs Bunny Accidentaly tunnels in a prison.and is mistaken for a prisoner.
  • The Trial Of Mr. Wolf

    Full Episode

    S 48 : Ep 165 - 11/14/49

    The Big Bad Wolf, villain of children's stories for years, is on trial for crimes committed against Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. When given a chance to speak in his defense, Mr. Wolf explains the supposed real story behind the fairy tale, in which he is the victim and Red and her grandma are the ones to blame. Will the jury buy his story?

  • PEPE LE PEW - For Scent-imental Reasons

    Full Episode

    S 22 : Ep 3 - 11/12/49

    Pepe LePew is in a perfume shop sniffing the various scents. The shopkeeper runs in horror and recruits a female cat to lure the skunk out of the shop. She tosses the cat inside, and a bottle of dye falls over, painting a white stripe down the cat's back.moreless
  • A Gander At Mother Goose

    Full Episode

    S 48 : Ep 151 - 7/24/49

    A collection of short gags based on classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, in her best Katharine Hepburn, tells us how her garden is really doing. Humpty Dumpty doesn't completely crack up. Jack and Jill go up the hill and have too much fun to come down. Little Miss Muffet frightens the spider off. The Three Little Pigs give the Big Bad Wolf a bottle of mouth-wash. A parade of wooden soldiers, in perfect formation from the waist up. Starlight, Starbright: A dog gets his wish a tree. Jack be nimble but not quite nimble enough. The old lady in the shoe made the old man very happy. (A gag involving Hiawatha, trimmed from the TV version.) Finally, the night before Christmas, and one stirring mouse tells the other to be quiet.

  • BUGS BUNNY - Rebel Rabbit

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 36 - 4/9/49

    As soon as Bugs finds out that the bounty on a rabbit is only two cents, he goes out and tries to make rabbits the most dangerous animals ever.
  • DAFFY & PORKY - Daffy Duck Hunt

    Full Episode

    S 10 : Ep 19 - 3/26/49

    Porky and his dog hunt Daffy for a fresh duck.
  • SAM & BUGS - Buccaneer Bunny

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 3 - 5/8/48

    Yosemite Sam buries his treasure on an island until he found a hole where Bugs Bunny lives.
  • BUGS BUNNY - Rabbit Punch

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 30 - 4/10/48

    After criticizing a championship boxer for beating up a boxer much smaller than him, the champion decides to challenge Bugs to a fight.
  • PORKY - Porky Chops

    Full Episode

    S 41 : Ep 89 - 1/1/47

    Porky is trying to cut a tree but the animals won't let him.
  • BUGS BUNNY - Rhapsody Rabbit

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 25 - 11/9/46

    At a piano concerto written by Franz Liszt, a pesky mouse keeps interfering with Bugs' piano playing.
  • BUGS & ELMER - Hare Remover

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 14 - 3/23/46

    Elmer becomes a scientist here and he tries his latest experiment to catch Bugs.
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