Naoko Mori

Naoko Mori


Nagoya, Japan

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Also Known As

Naoki Mori, Noako Mori
  • Naoko Mori as Yoko Ono in Lennon Naked
  • Lennon Naked
  • Lennon Naked
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Naoko Mori was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1975. When she was four years old she moved with her family to New Jersey, and eight years later to Surrey, England.

Naoko took singing lessons and attended stage school and, at the age of seventeen, appeared in London's…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Naoko confirmed in a BBC Breakfast interview that the Toshiko Sato who appeared in an episode of Doctor Who and the Torchwood Toshiko are the same character.

    • Naoko is a fan of Japanese author Haruki Murakami.

    • Naoko is a fan of the Indiana Jones films.

    • Shortly before beginning filming on the Torchwood episode "Countrycide" Naoko tore a ligament in her right ankle. Unfortunately, the episode required her to do a lot of running.

    • Naoko is 5'4" tall.

    • As well as appearing in Miss Saigon Naoko has appeared in a number of West End theatrical productions including The Beauty The Token and the Mayonnaise, Hair, Aladdin, Ponkikes and Snake in the Fridge.

    • In 2000 Newsweek Japan named Naoko Neo Japanese of the Millennium.

    • In 2006 Naoko performed at the Royal Variety Performance as part of the cast of Avenue Q.

    • Naoko has worked with Torchwood co-star John Barrowman before in the West End production of Miss Saigon.

    • Naoko is a Japanese Buddhist.

    • Tosh appeared as pathologist Dr Sato in the Doctor Who episode "Aliens of London", confirming that the alien body was not a hoax. Producer Russell T Davies says of her: "She was absolutely brilliant, and I knew then that I wanted to bring her back!"

  • Quotes

    • Naoko: (On working on Torchwood) We kind of have a reputation for being pretty rowdy on set. We're pretty crazy on set. It's basically like Torchwood, because it's all-consuming. We're in the studio anything from between 10 to 14 hours a day. It's like a little pressure-cooker thing, and we just have such rapport.

    • Naoko: (On her favorite role) Oh gosh! It really is a hard one. I loved Ab Fab, it was an amazing experience and I was working with such funny people, I mean hysterical times because you're in a room with some very funny people and you're trying to make them laugh. The thing about comedy is that you mustn't try too hard otherwise it's not funny. I did an amazing drama / documentary about Hiroshima, about the atomic bombing, that's definitely up there as one of the most horrific experiences I've had and it kind of changed my view on life. That was amazing. And of course I'm loving Torchwood, so if I had to choose I couldn't choose!

    • Naoko: I pretty much love everything HBO make, from Sex and the City to The Sopranos, Six Feet Under and Curb Your Enthusiasm. And I also like documentaries, such as Long Way Down. I don't like those late-night interactive game shows, Live Roulette or whatever. I just don't understand it. I'd rather see reruns of old shows.

    • Naoko: (on her reading habits) On Sundays I read the News of the World, which I'm not ashamed about. Sometimes when the world's really gloomy it's a lot of fun to read about Jordan's boobs.

    • Naoko: (On her thoughts on working in Cardiff) what's great about Cardiff is that you have the bay and water and then 10 minutes up the road you've got mountains and valleys and tonnes of sheep and then you have amazing architecture.

    • Naoko: (on her character Toshiko Sato) I think Tosh, out of the rest of the team, is the most guarded and private person and she's not particularly good at expressing herself at the best of times. She can be frank and honest, but she's quite shy because she's a private person. So for her that episode probably turned her world upside down. It was a big learning curve for her - I think she's learnt that it's okay to feel these things and show emotions.

    • Naoko: (on her Torchwood character Toshiko Sato) She seems to be a bit square and quiet but she's actually just a very private person. She's more of a thinker than a feeler but that doesn't mean she doesn't feel, she just doesn't share it. She keeps her private life private and work is work. But work is the biggest thing she loves her job, as everyone in the team does.

    • Naoko: I didn't know too much about Doctor Who. I grew up in the States, so I'd never seen it as a kid. When I got the script, I phoned my agent and said, 'What's a TARDIS? I've looked it up in the dictionary and I can't find it'. He was laughing so hard he actually put the phone down on me.

    • Naoko: I think geeks get a really bad press but I'm a bit of a geek myself. I love computers and gadgetry or anything technical. I always have to have the latest thing. I'm Japanese so it's in the blood!

    • Naoko: (on working on Torchwood) You know, I think a lot of people say that - you hear time and time again, 'Oh we had such a great time!' but I would put it in capital letters if I could - really it was ridiculous how well we got on. We are all quite different people, but we just really gelled as a team and I hope that comes across on-screen.