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  • icon 4 life

    i love Naomi, she really stands up for women an a whole she,s wonderful and i love her attitude towards her career it really motivate me she is my icon
  • Naomi campbell as Wet Cat!

    I used to be a big fan of hers but after all the stuff she did I'm not a big admirer of this crazy lady! Bu at the same time I'm amazed after all the horrible stuff she went thru how she manages to finds her way to spotlight. She is on the same Episode with Lady Gaga!

    I can't wait to see the Double Exposure episode on Bravo Tv on July 13th 10pm/c

    The Photo shoot she did in london with Markus Klinko & Indrani with stylist GK Reid

    This video of her is hilarious! :) Naomi Campbell as Wet Cat! :)
  • Why Tyra is better than Naomi

    Naomi Campbell is a total slut. She sells her body on the streets in Compton while throwing cell phones at innocent people. She's dangerous, deceitful, and UGLY. While Tyra, the most perfect individual to grace the earth, is a beautiful, kind, accomplished role model who helps women everywhere. She is truly an inspiration to the human race.
  • hate the hoe

    she's nasty, and she's an well known slut. went with an damn near 80 year old man + another 100 guys. eww, and had the nerves to hate on tyra banks? she really irritates me. she's also crazy, throwing cell phones at people and going crazy. plus, she's not all that pretty, like tyra. Naomi needs to grow up,lol