Naomi Judd

Naomi Judd


1/11/1946, Ashland, Kentucky, USA

Birth Name

Diana Ellen Judd


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Naomi Judd married young and indured a pyshically abusive relationship. She divorced and raised her two daughters on welfare. She became a registered nurse and moved to Hollywood. Along with her daughter, Wynonna, the country duo, The Judds were formed. The Judds were country music's most famous mother/daughter…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Naomi and Wynonna, aka The Judds, sold more than twenty million records and won over sixty industry awards including five Grammies, nine CMA's and eight Billboard music awards.

    • Naomi's autobiography, Naomi Judd: Love Can Build A Bridge was written in 1993.

    • Naomi is the mother of two daughters-singer Wynonna Judd and actress Ashley Judd-from her first marriage.

    • Naomi is married to Larry Stickland. The two were married on May 6, 1989.

    • Naomi is 5' 6".

    • Naomi changed her name from Diana Ellen Judd to Naomi Ellen Judd when she moved from Kentucky to Hollywood and found confidence in herself.

    • Naomi attended Crabbe Grade School in Ashland, Kentucky.

    • At the age of 26, Naomi divorced Michael Ciminella because of the physical abuse she had to put up with while she was with him. She then raised her two daughters on welfare support.

    • Naomi was motivated to write her book, Naomi's Guide to Aging Gratefully: Facts, Myths and Good News for Boomers after Grand magazine named her one of the top ten sexiest grandparents in the world.

    • Before making it big, Naomi was a former uninsured single mom on welfare. Since she experienced that and has come so far, Naomi now advocates health care reform on behalf of Americans who do not have medical insurance.

    • Before becoming famous, Naomi was a domestic violence victim and an uninsured single mother on welfare.

    • One of Naomi's best girlfriends is the world's leading expert on serial killers, Dr. Helen Morrison. Naomi enjoys her work and considers herself a forensics pathology junkie.

    • Naomi attended nursing school at the College of Marin, in California.

    • Naomi created the Esteem line of personal care products to help promote healthy, vibrant skin.

    • Naomi was a former registered nurse, but she quit to become a singer with her daughter, Wynonna.

    • Naomi is one of four children.

    • In November 2005, Naomi began to host a talk show, Naomi's New Morning, on the Hallmark Channel.

    • Naomi was diagnosed with a Hepatitus C in 1991. She overcame and is now cured of the Hepatitis C virus. As a result, she is the spokesperson for the American Liver Foundation. She also created the Naomi Judd Education and Research Fund to raise awareness of Hepatitis C.

    • Along with her daughter, Wynonna Judd, Naomi formed the highly successful singing duo known as The Judds.

  • Quotes

    • Naomi Judd: I love to hear people's stories. People listen to The Judds, and we listen to them, whether it's people listening to our music, coming to see one of my speaking engagements, reading one of the books that I write or going to see Ashley's [Ashley Judd's] movies. But we get inspired by them.

    • Naomi Judd: I loved being an RN. It taught me so much about humanness. I learned that we are all exactly the same. We wear different masks, and we may have slightly different personal histories, but we are all exactly the same. And I learned about medicine.

    • Naomi Judd: I was bonked on the head by this fairy godmother, who I consider the fans. They accepted me and changed my life forever. And when I would get on that stage, I wanted to live that fantasy I had longed for. I was so tired of buying my clothes at the flea market and having to take my kids to the United Way Thrift Store when school started. I felt so guilty, so incompetent as a mom.

    • Naomi Judd: I say that I will never be free of hepatitis C as long as somebody else out there is suffering. I still make visits to hospitals and to folks who are, God bless them, on the transplant list.

    • Naomi Judd: I've never smoked a cigarette, and I've never drunk a beer. I laugh all the time. I have inner peace. There's nothing different about me. There is absolutely nothing special about Naomi Judd. I am not a magical being.

    • Naomi Judd: (About her daughter) Wynonna and I were really battling a very turbulent relationship when she was a teenager. I kept hoping and imagining that some day she would be my best friend and that she would choose to be with me no matter what was going on. And that came to pass. It happened because of country music, because of the fans.

    • Naomi Judd: I'm a communicator. Whether I'm expressing myself through writing a song or a book, or I am singing, acting, speaking at an engagement or even chatting one-on-one with a stranger on the street.

  • naomi is truely a goddes, and one of the most beautiful women to roam the earth. who also has a great husband larry strickland. so i would like to correct the biography for being wrong.moreless

    naomi judd is truely a goddess. the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. she is so full of amazing talent, and is a very friendly, warm hearted person. she is very well known for never turning down an autograph, and the love she has for all her fans. naomi says that fans deserve her attention, because after all, they are the reason she got to where she is. i am however disappointed in the biography, of this site. but can not figure out how to edit it. naomi judd, is still married to larry strickland. they did reconcile. and are still madly in love. which is wonderful. and for all of you who are reading this, make sure to watch her talk show on the hallmark channel. Naomi's New Morning. support naomi and her wonderful show. it is such a great way for her to share her love and spirtuality with us. she is the best of the best. aint no body in this world quite like naomi. and there never will be.moreless
  • Naomi Judd is one of the greatest singers that I know. She is a wonderful person.

    Naomi Judd is a wonderful singer and actress of all time. She has a wonderful voice, that is so unitque. Naomi and Wynonnia sing so well together. Whsn Naomi and Wynonnia had to split because Naomi had hypatitis c she had to put her career on hold. After the mother and daughter team did there farewell tour she and her daughter cried after there last song that they sung. They had a sellout crowd and Naomi put on a fantastic concert. She always worn nothing but dresses when she preformed. Naomi always looked younger than her daughter Wynonnia. They looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. Naomi is a wonderful person. She is one of the kindness and loving people that I know. She is well loved by everyone that meets and talks to her. No one will ever take her place in singing or acting. She is a natural.moreless