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Naomi Robson

Naomi Robson


12/4/1961, California, USA

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Naomi Robson


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With her father being an academic, she travelled with her family wherever her father's work took them, so much of her childhood was spent living between Australia and England. After almost three years travelling overseas, she returned to Australia and in 1989 became the assistant editor and features…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2007, she participated for the 16th year in Channel 7's Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal Telethon.

    • Naomi competed in series 6 of Dancing with the Stars. She was eliminated in week 4.

    • In 2007 Naomi was nominated for the TV Week Silver Logie Most Popular Presenter as host of Today Tonight.

    • Naomi convinced Channel 7 to extend her contract until June 30, 2007, to enable her to compete in the sixth season of Dancing With The Stars. Naomi's contract with Seven was due to expire on December 31, 2006.

    • After hosting Today Tonight for ten years, Naomi will not host the show in 2007.

    • Naomi had a small role in the Australian film, Trojan Warrior (2002) where she played herself.

    • Naomi had a small role in the Australian film, Thunderstruck (2004) where she played herself.

    • While living in the UK, Naomi worked as a journalist and editorial assistant for a major magazine publishing group.

    • After dropping out of a Bachelor degree, Naomi worked as an assistant for several respected photojournalists and was a copywriter for a leading advertising agency for the next two years.

    • Naomi studied for a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne's La Trobe University for two years, planning on majoring in archaeology and modern art. However, ahe left that to pursue her passion for photojournalism.

    • Following the death of Steve Irwin, Naomi hosted Today Tonight from outside Australia Zoo, wearing khaki and at one point, she had a lizard on her arm.

      Her choice of outfit caused viewers to complain, describing the move as "tacky" and "insensitive".

    • Naomi and her crew were detained in Indonesia on 14 September 2006 after they arrived in the country with the wrong visas. Although unclear, it is believed that they were intending to film a story on Wa-Wa, a boy they believed was in danger of being killed by cannibals. They were later deported.

    • Naomi enjoys good food, spending time with friends and motor racing when she's not working.

    • Naomi enjoys good food, spending time with friends and motor racing when she's not working.

    • In 1997 she took over the reins as host of Today Tonight in Melbourne. At the time it was the only state-based public affairs program on television.

    • In June 1990 Naomi joined Seven News as a general news reporter and after just three weeks was asked by the network to present the news on Tonight Live, hosted by Steve Vizard.

    • In 1989 she became the assistant editor and features writer for Personal Success magazine.

    • She worked as a journalist and editorial assistant for a major magazine publishing group when her travels took her to the UK.

    • Developed an interest in photojournalism as a teenager.

    • Naomi has her Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) license.

  • Quotes

    • Naomi: (asked on radio in 2008 why she is single) I don't know … It's not like I would go out and meet a lot of men. I don't go out to bars, I hang with friends and see my family - some of them have told me I'm not going to meet a man in my living room. There's this perception that if you work in TV you will be surrounded by men and that you'll have so many offers that you wouldn't be considering any new ones. I think men think 'Why would I put myself in a situation where I will be knocked back?'

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  • This woman is hilarious. I love her hair-flicks and constant attempts to make it look like she care about the stories she is discussing. GOO NAOMI!!

    She is really really hilarious... her show is filled with stupid stories. Every episode either (a) contains a schonky builder or (b) contains a 'set-the-record straight' from Naomi who ends up apologising, if you call it, for something stupid she has done in the public eye, such as swear like 9 times in 30seconds at her camera man or accidently dating a drug-dealer. Love her or hate her, Naomi attempts to look like she actually cares about her stories by saying after a 'special' hair-flick "hmmm...yes this story really is a problem in our society, if you have had experience with a schonky builder call us"..when she is really thinking: "hmm i really dont give a crap anymore"..GO NAOMI!moreless