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  • This woman is hilarious. I love her hair-flicks and constant attempts to make it look like she care about the stories she is discussing. GOO NAOMI!!

    She is really really hilarious... her show is filled with stupid stories. Every episode either (a) contains a schonky builder or (b) contains a 'set-the-record straight' from Naomi who ends up apologising, if you call it, for something stupid she has done in the public eye, such as swear like 9 times in 30seconds at her camera man or accidently dating a drug-dealer. Love her or hate her, Naomi attempts to look like she actually cares about her stories by saying after a 'special' hair-flick "hmmm...yes this story really is a problem in our society, if you have had experience with a schonky builder call us"..when she is really thinking: "hmm i really dont give a crap anymore"..GO NAOMI!