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  • If you haven't heard of her by now, you need to move out of your rock.

    Naomi Watts is definitly one of the greatest actresses out there. Her greatest film by far has been Mulholland Drive. The way she portrays both Betty Elms and Diane Selwyn is riveting. There is so much emotion especially towards the end of the film. Another role in which she does superb in is as Cristina Peck in 21 Grams. And while many of her films are released in limited releases, she does have her share of more well known films like King Kong and The Ring. The roles in which she has taken show her as a versatile actress, able to adapt herself into any character. I expect many great things from Naomi to come in the future.
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    Naomi Watts is a really good actress. I have seen her in movies like "The Ring" or "King Kong" and she is simply fabulous on those movies. She always has good roles, and I must say that I really like her way of acting and her style. She is one of the best and coolest actresses around. She is great.
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    Naomi Watts is really a talented actress. In every role she really makes you believe that she actually is the character she's portraying. This sense of realism is what makes her really stand out above the masses of the rest of actresses today. My favorite movie of her's is "21 Grams."
  • She is nothing short of amazing! She is awesome! I would really like to work with her someday!

    Ever since I saw her in King Kong I knew she was it. She is one of my favorite actresses. She is a fantastic actress. And I think that she was the best in King Kong. I laughed, I cried,it moved me.(Seriously) So Naomi, you just keep on doing your thing! U R AWESOME!
  • She is amazing I love her!!!!

    I like her very much her work as an actress is so great and she\'s so pretty. I heve seen all the mavies that she made and all of them is so good.
    In The Ring she was incredible she was scary I loved that movie and in The Rig 2 she did the same she was scary and for some actress this is hard but not ta her.
    I like her verr much!
  • She is amazing! I really wanna work with her some day! That would be so much fun! Love, Aly!

    I think Naomi Watts is one of the greatest actresses alive! I really would like to work with her. So would AJ. Would anyone else? send me a message if u think so or even if u disagree. I still would like to kno what u think about her.