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  • Trivia

    • Naomi was ranked #93 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World of 2007.

    • In August 2007, police were called in to remove more than 30 paparazzi who had swarmed on Naomi while she shopped at a grocery store. She was forced to hide inside, while her friend drove their car as close to the door as she could, in order to allow Naomi to jump in without pushing through the paparazzi. After Naomi had paid her bill, the police officers and supermarket security cleared the car park.

    • Naomi and longtime boyfriend Liev Schreiber welcomed their first baby, a boy named Alexander Pete on July 26, 2007. A second child, Samuel Kai, joined the family when he was born on December 13, 2008.

    • Naomi Watts' best friend is Nicole Kidman.

    • Naomi became instant friends with Nicole Kidman when the two of them met on a casting call for a commerical in Australia when they were teenagers.

    • Naomi's favorite sports to watch are tennis, soccer and boxing.

    • Her brother, Ben Watts, is a well-known photographer in the United States.

    • Naomi once appeared in an Australian television commercial turning down a date with Tom Cruise for her mother's lamb roast.

    • Naomi was not the first person consider for her role in the 2002 film, The Ring. Jennifer Connelly, Kate Beckinsale,and Gwyneth Paltrow all turned down the role.

    • Naomi turned down the role of Susan Storm (The Invisible Girl) in the 2005 film The Fantastic Four. Jessica Alba later got the part.

    • Naomi accepted her role in the 2003 film 21 Grams before she ever read the script.

    • Naomi says that her favorite artists of all time are Coldplay, Fiona Apple, Björk, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Cat Stevens.

    • Naomi's three favorite actresses are Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster and Julianne Moore.

    • Naomi admits that her favorite comfort food is baked beans.

    • She has a Yorkshire Terrier named Bob.

    • Director David Lynch asked her to be in the 2001 film Mulholland Dr after picking out her headshot from a stack of actors.

    • Naomi insists she wanted to become an actress after seeing the 1980 movie, Fame.

    • Naomi says [about her experience filming King Kong], "My arms and legs were black and blue with bruises... It's like I was in marine boot camp. Now I want to do something where the most strenuous thing I do is kiss the leading man!"

    • Naomi's salary for King Kong was reportedly $5,000,000.

    • Naomi dated actor Heath Ledger for almost two years, but the two have since gone their seperate ways. As of 2006 she is dating actor Liev Schreiber, her co-star in the film The Painted Veil.

    • She has been nominated for a Saturn Award twice, in 2002 for Mulholland Dr., and again in 2003 for The Ring.

    • She was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2002.

    • Her father died when she was only 7 years old.

    • Naomi and her mother moved to Australia when she was 14 years old.

  • Quotes

    • Naomi: The easiest sex scene I have done was in Mulholland Drive because it was with another woman. There was no awkwardness. There was no sexual tension.

    • Naomi: (following the birth of her first child in July 2007) For so long, I thought, 'I can't have a baby now. I've got this to do, that to do. I've got to achieve that and this.' The truth is, this just happened so quickly, and you can still do it. Honestly, have a baby. It's the best. I left it too late. I'd love to have one more. I'd love to have two more. Or three!

    • Naomi: (revealing her friends tease her about her quiet life) Believe me. There's nothing natural about a red-carpet experience. People scream your name at the top of their voices, 100 of them at a time, and it just makes your heart leap out of your chest. I don't like being in loud places any more - all my friends call me Granny! My favourite thing is welcoming people in to my home.

    • Naomi: That's one of the lucky things about getting the success later on. I know how I want to dress, I know what kind of house I want to live in, I just know more about myself, and that's true about the roles I want to play and what parts of myself I want to express. You're just more in touch with yourself.

    • Naomi (on men): I like someone thoughtful, serious and intelligent, but I also want him to be fun and silly. He has to be able to make me laugh ? if a man can do that, he's pretty well got me.

    • Naomi: I mean it's weird because the thing that I love about acting is the fact that I can help people feel things, know themselves or feel less alone. It's my form of expression, in the same way that someone might paint a picture or sing a song in that you're hoping that it moves somebody outside of their own way of thinking.

    • Naomi: She (Fay Wray) looked up at me and went,'You're not Ann Darrow. I am! ... At the end of the night ... she whispered in my ear 'Ann Darrow is in good hands.' Those were great parting words.

    • Naomi: I want to start a family. I want to make room in my life for other things.

    • Naomi: I've slept with a few directors but still didn't get the part. Isn't that strange?

    • Naomi Watts: The parallels are being drawn between me as a mother and Samara's mother and what I have done to my child and what was done to her by her mother, ... So there's things for the audience there to play with and look into, and that's clearly why Samara's drawn to me.

    • Naomi Watts: If those two men (Kong and Driscoll) were welded into one, that would definitely make the perfect man. Adrien Brody plays the writer. He has all the words. Kong has all the soul, and all the power as well.

    • Naomi: I've had people who've seen 21 Grams say, Wow, you're so brave to be looking like that". This shocks me. I think that's what an actor's job is, to lose yourself in a role.

    • Naomi: For the record, I am actually British as well as Australian. People always think I'm Australian but I'm happy for the Brits to claim me back. I'm offering myself up.

    • Naomi: On set is where I feel comfortable. The red carpet stuff, talking about the film, explaining your own life, it doesn't come naturally. It's all necessary stuff I suppose but it's not my strength.

    • Naomi: There's nothing as strong as King Kong.

    • Naomi: Pain is such an important thing in life. I think that as an artist you have to experience suffering.

    • Naomi says: "There was a time I was very much blaming the way I felt on L.A, that it was a vacuum of creativity, of humor or anything organic, and I was really angry at the place. But then today I feel completely different - I love L.A.!"