Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris


9/6/1976, London, England, United Kingdom

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Naomie Melanie Harris


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Naomie is 5'8". She is best known in America as her role as "Selena" in 28 Days Later. She went to Cambridge to study social and political science for two years. Aftering receiving her degree at Cambridge (which she calls a miserable experience), she then went to Bristol…more


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    • Naomie: (on her crush on Orlando Bloom on the set of "Pirates of the Caribbean") Orlando - I love him! When I did the second Pirates film I caught a cold on the plane on the way to start shooting. When I arrived on set everyone was there, Geoffrey Rush, Johnny, Orlando, and I was kind of intimidated because I caught this cold and I could hardly speak. But Orlando was really sweet, he came up to me and gave me all this cough syrup, and I was like, 'Yeah, you're the hottest one.'

    • Naomie: I haven't been directed by a woman. I'd love to be; it would make a big difference. Often as an actress you can feel very alienated, especially if you are playing the female lead in a male-dominated cast and environment. It's very hard to feel relaxed, to feel able to express yourself and to feel that you will be heard in that kind of environment.

    • Naomie: Everything starts in the writing, and getting more and more women's perspective in the writing will have a huge impact on the quality of films we get. At the moment, we don't really see women as we see ourselves and as we really are because it's only men writing for us. I've read a lot of scripts where I've thought: "No women would ever say that! No woman would ever behave like that!" Women are put into these categories of bitch, mother or sex symbol. If we had more women writing we would have a more realistic representation of what it's like to be a woman.

    • Naomie: Film is such a male-dominated industry. There's a lot of "who you know" in terms of how you get promoted. The whole way the business is constructed [means there are ] just men at every level, which makes it really hard for women to get their feet in the door. Also, the way of working makes it very difficult for women to succeed in the business. It must be incredibly hard if you have children to navigate the hours.

    • Naomie: It's business first and foremost in the US, and you're a commodity. But I love their can-do mentality. They enjoy success and all the doors are open, no matter what you look like or where you're from. It's a big, hungry machine that constantly needs new talent to feed it, so everyone gets a chance. I'm sure my career would have petered out if I'd stayed in Britain; there's just not enough work here. On the other hand, I love coming back and being normal.

    • Naomie: (on shooting love scenes with Jamie Foxx in the movie "Ray")) I was worried it would be quite graphic but it ended up being the most fun I had making any scene. Jamie made me feel so relaxed and was really sweet.