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  • He can get your attention without exploiting women or talking about himself.

    This guy is so real. He tells it the way it is, no matter how many people think otherwise. he raps without disgracing rap culture by exploiting women, talking about his cash income, or talking about being "in the club". People could really learn from guys like him. Hip hop fans should really study him if they want to break into the music business. The media (especially Fox news) love to tell you when a rapper gets arrested or sued (if it's a ridiculous charge, they make it sound worse), but when they do something good, like Nas's Fox news protest, nobody cares. I never heard a story like that about Nas, and I commend him for that.
  • Yes he is definatly up there as one of the greatest in my opinion.

    WOW I was reading the other reviews and some feel Nas is overrated and I want to know how? when? and why? would anyone feel that way about someone who is a big time name in everyone's house, whether he is known because he is liked or not liked the man is a talented artist who doesn't just follow the lead of everyone else and he brings his own style to the Mic.Every word he writes is meant for a purpose, meant to make sense if your not bopping to Nas, your probably bopping(listening)to bad rappers who make no sense and have no sense and they follow everyone elses lead and don't make music from the heart like Nas does.
  • Beef

    This guy raps about nothing. I understand he is ghetto, and he raps about it in the worst way. I like a couple of his songs becasue of the beat and the people he allows on his hits. I like his decisions, not the way he raps. I am looking forward to Jay-Z and 50 Cent beating hsi bloddy ass in a rap battle when it finally does happen.
  • One of the greatest out of the golden age of rap

    Nas, born Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones on September 14, 1973,is son of Olu Dara, an unconventional jazz musician and Ann Jones.Nas is one of the many great rappers out of the golden age of rap. Nas made his first major mark on Hip-hop in his 1994 debut, "Illmatic," which was released on Columbia/SME and is considered one of the best Hip-Hop albums of all time.It attracted attention for its depiction of ghetto life and Nas' refusal to include the misogyny and violence evident in some hip-hop.In Nas's carrer,he has had beefs with such big-time artist as Cormega,50 Cent and his most well known one,Jay-Z.The rest of Nas's albums are "It Was Written,""I Am...","Nastrudamus" "Stillmatic","Gods Son", and his latest being "Streets Disciples"