Naseeruddin Shah





7/20/1950 , Delhi, India

Birth Name



Naseeruddin Shah was born July 20th, 1950, in Uttar Pradesh, India. He is a direct descendant of Jan Fishan Khan, an Afghan warlord. Though a curious link, Shah is much more humble in character and profession. He studied art at The National School of Drama in Delhi and went on to work in Bollywood and Parallel Cinemas. Shah has been successful outside of India by playing characters in such films as; The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Captain Nemo. Naseeruddin has been highly active in Bollywood, starring in over 400 films during his career. His controversial film, The Dirty Picture, took home several Fan Fare Awards. Shah also is known for a very important film on gender issues filmed at Joseph's College, Nainital, titles Masoom. India High Government considers Shah not only to be a talented actor, but also one of the most important figures of the country. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan Award for his many contributions to the betterment of India.