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  • Unforgettable.

    One of the greatest voices of the 20th century, Nat King Cole also found fame and acclaim as a jazz pianist. Cole made the transition from playing to singing effortlessly and stayed with both throughout his long career. Despite having a short life, tragically cut short by lung cancer, he has left behind a body of work that is still enjoyed today. He has so many signature songs and his rich, velvety voice identifies him instantly - "Mona Lisa," "Unforgettable," "Straighten Up and Fly Right," and so many others. On a larger and more important scale, Cole also made great strides for civil rights, becoming one of the most popular African-American performers of the day and campaigning for civil rights with JFK and Lyndon Johnson. His catalogue of work may not be as deep as Sinatra or Martin, but he has left his mark as one of the best crooners of all time.