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  • great voice as child

    I loved his voice but after NBB he hit puberty and now its his brothers turn to shine
  • A kid who seems TOO perfect.

    Well, as it's clear from my summary, I think this guy is a big FAKE!

    He acts perfect, and doing so, he lost unlimited potential.

    Also, one of his alias' is "Mr. Maturity". And yet this kid is no man. Like how he changed the words of a patriotic song he wrote into a love song. And most of his songs have no feeling in them. To explain what I mean, most songs I can hear alot of feelings in. Most of Nat's songs I can't hear real emotions. Not to mention most, if not all, are love songs now.

    On another note, it is clear he got his bands name from the Jonas Brothers. Though the naked part, I don't know. And I don't want to know either.

    In short, he is a fake, and not a real man!
  • Horrible singer, and actor.

    In my mind, Nat Wolff is not a good dude. His singing is horrible, and his acting is bumpy. I don't know Nickelodeon made a show on his band? They should not have done that! Nat, and Alex are the reason why Nickelodeon is back-sliding though the field (it's a figure of speech). Nat of course, sounds girlish, and should at least write better songs. Most of his songs repeat the same lyrics about 5, or 6 times in a row. Whatever happens, I hope Nickelodeon will incinerate the show, and tell Nat to work on his singing. I'm very sorry Nat-san.
  • Nat Wolff music is good.I'm gonna to buy the Nat and Alex Wolff cd coming out in the spring.Just like their show's real good.

    Nat Wolff music is so good.I listen to it all the time.His new music is awesome.Every song he writes is good.His a good actor and singer.Same as Alex Wolff.They both make real good music together.He makes a good couple with Miranda Cosgrove.I'm to listen to listen to his new album when his it comes out in the spring.You got to listen to his music.I enjoy and my slibings too.He is playing in awesome movies coming out next year.He is so talented.He just gotta like him.I watch him on youtube and his brother watching it makes me laugh so hard.Enjoy it.
  • Nat Wolff needs to sing more, but act less.

    Nat Wolff, is a great singer, by all means, and I really enjoy some of his songs, like Curious, for example, but his acting on The Naked Brothers Band is pretty bad. I mean, seriously! Nat, stick to the mic and the piano, please. You don't look that good acting, and honestly, your acting is embarrassing. I love your singing, and I think you're an extremely talented singer/songwriter, but please don't act. If you just continue singing, and focus your career on that, who knows, I might become your biggest fan. But if you continue acting and don't improve, you'll turn me away from the semi-fan that I am now. Nat, please. Sing. I'm in love with your voice. Your face is not bad, too, but I'm not that into you.
  • He's a 14 year old on the Naked Brother's Band.

    He's overrated. Look at him! The expressions on his face just give you a negative idea about him. The look on his face usually says something like "Hi I'm Nat Wolff come get me ladies!" or "I'm cooler than everybody.". He's talentless when it comes to his acting. His jokes are corny and terrible. ESPECIALLY when he's joking with his little brother. Him and Alex Wolff attempting (
  • A talented 13-year-old boy going on 14. Star of the Naked Brothers Band on Nickelodeon, and is a very talented guitar player, piano player, etc. Polly Draper and Micheal Wolff are his parents.

    Nat Wolff is a very talented boy. I believe he can sing very good. He can play so many instruments it makes my head spin. He is very attracting, too. I thought he was awesome in the first season.. in the second season he was cute but now in season three he was sung better than any other season. Season 1 he kinda...I really don't know.. now that I think of it. LOLz. Alex Wolff will one day sing like his brother, probably this summer he'll start singing just as a good as Anyway, Nat Rox!!! Wouldn't you agree?
  • Nat Wolff is a talented 13 year old teen who is the face and leader of the Naked Brothers Band with his 10 year old brother, Alex.

    Nat Wolff is TALENTED!!! He plays the piano, keyboard, drums AND he's learning the guitar. He has writted over 100 songs AND he wrote the hit song Crazy Car when he was only 6! He is the son of Polly Draper (actress, screenwriter, producer, and director of the show) and Michael Wolff, (jazz pianist, composer, bandleader, accordian player)known as Sonny Wolff in the show. He is also the only brother of fellow band member Alex Wolff (actor/drummer). His family is Jewish and he is soooooooooo awesome. All you haters out there better leave him be. He's an awesome (and pretty hot) musician and he's really talented.
  • he has talent

    I dont get why so many people hate him just because he has a very girlish voice when he sings. Honestly, i really love it. i think he can sing and play the piano really well.
    However, i really think that he should stop singing songs like crazy car and all those other stupid songs that make no complete sense like if thats not love. i mean "If that not love that what is? If thats not music then what is?" Why did he suddenly turn love into music? Weird boy.
    but anyway, i think he has talent. he deserves hollywood. Just saying
  • you are horrible practice makes perfect.

    nateline marvin wolffe is not good at singing his voice is scrachy and he sound like a girl. i would be imbaressed if i was you because i would be in front of thousands of people and sing like that. i dont care what your little brother says or your fans sorry you just cant dont influence me at all you make bored. nat please try not to break the ears of the viewers and and by the way i bet nobody would like to win the danimals prize because they would not to meet him.
    dont try to go and make a new song because you need alot of work to do.good luck in practing.
  • The real deal. A talented kid!

    He's not on the same level with other teen music singers/bands on nick or general, he's way better. Nat has serious potential to really leave a mark on the world like Johnny Cash or Tom Petty. I only hope the fame won't go to his head and he won't end up washed out in rehab. Don't do drugs Nat!!! Don't end up like Lindsey Lohan, ugh. Anyway, he's a sweet kid and he and his brother seem 9 times more genuine than the *cough*jonas brothers*cough*, money bucket publicity stunt for fifteen minutes of fame to make little girls swoon and buy plastic lunch buckets, tshirts, puzzles, stickers, bla bla bla to fill some music exec's pockets. Nat is different. This kid is the real deal.
  • For all you haters out there, I think Nat is the most talented and cute actors/musican out there.

    If everyone really thought about it, Nat is the best teen start out there, He actually cares about the envoriment, he has a wonderful voice. He uses his concerts for money to help people. He does a movie just about the envoriment. I really don't understand why so many people hate him. I personally think his voice is the best I've ever heard and his songs are awesome. He's still young too. Only 13, by the time he's 16 he might be at the top of the charts. I don't know what everyone else thinks I but I like him.

  • I don't like him.

    First his songs are horrible and I don't like them and he writes them badly and they are to childish for teenagers to listen to them and adults also. Second he is spoiled because his mother refused to give him a show and he wanted that show and if his mother would still say no this show and this show would never exist in the first place. Imagine if you had a mother that was a producer and writer you could make your own Tv show. He thinks that he is mature but he isn't. He tries to learn every instrument and he thinks that he is already a rockstar.
  • Nat Rocks.

    Nat Wolff is really talented and is a great musician. I like his songs they are really great and so is his brothers songs. Nat Wolff is so charming and handsome and I wish I could just meet him. He plays a couple of instruments and he rocks at them and that is all I have to say about Nat Wolff that he is talented and that is all about him. He is just talented talented talented talented talented talented talented and a great actor. I just like him I like waching his shoe The Naked Brothers Band. That is all about him that I have to say.
  • Come on.

    All you guys are underrating him, just because some girls don't like him doesn't mean that there aren't thousands of girls still out there that have just never made it to this, site, that love him. And plus, Alex is the brat, Nat is the nice one, and he's so CUTE!!!Just because people always think that stars are spoiled brats doesn't mean they really are. I might admit, sure maybe they started acting alittle... young, but you don't know if it all went to their heads or not, so I wouldn't be calling him stuborn inless i've met him and he really acted that way, I dout half of you have met him.
  • empty

    He sings really bad.
  • I think Nat Wolff is one of the most talented teen stars right now.

    Nat Wolff is amazing! I think that he is a great actor, and a super talented musician. He is really funny not only on the show, The Naked Brothers Band, but he is also funny in interviews. He is very down to earth despite his fame and "rockstar" status. His acting has gradually gotten better as he gets older and gains more experience. I think that when he goes on to other roles in the future, he will only get better. His song writing and singing has also gotten much better as he matures. His songs have gotten very deep and uplifting, and his voice is very sweet and smooth. Overall, Nat Wolff is extremely talented.
  • empty

    i think that nat is a brilliant musician who has become famous at a younger a lot younger then most of the people who write bad reviews and in that respect you could see why they dislike him as he shows them that they are not as good as they could be. but don't say oh, he's better then me and thats it try and write your own song and maybe then you find that it's not so hard and a lot more productive then moaning about how bad a singer he is.
  • empty

    i think that nat is an awsome guy. all u pepl that r dissin' him should be ashamed! so what if he dosnt have "the perfect voice" id like to hear u sing then if ur so much better.and i think that his songs and show r just fine. how would u like it if pepl said stuff like this about u? its not nice. overall, i think that nat is really cute and is good at everything. and if u ever read this nat, dont worry about what other pepl say. their just haters. i think u rock!
  • i love nat wolff he is really talented

    i thik that nat wolff is very talented. he can write so many songs and most of them good. he will probaly become more famous then he is right now. he is very cute and a good actor. he makes really good songs i love most of them! he is only 13 but i think he is more talented than some of the other actors on tv these days he is a role model and hopefully nothning will happen to him because at least he keeps tv good and not trash. Nat wolff is my favortive actor of all time !
  • empty

    I think that Alex Wolff acts like a baby, but Nat, He's awesome, you can ask me from personell expierience. He is super-cute,funny, and charming.I LOVE his facial expressions. Wiselroh is tottaly wrong about him! I think that the boys and the show will go really far. His voice is awesome for a twelve-year-old. I thought he was way older but i found out when he called me that he is accually twelve!. Me and him talk quite a bit now and I can't wait to see him again. I've even been on the cast in the show in one of the episodes. i played a girl at the mascarade party. in their next new episode, coming out soon, alex gets jealous of the Pete dude, I don't know his last name for sure (the pete dude)but he is SOSOSO ugly! xoxoxo, Brianna
  • Wow the first time i see an Actual Android on TV!

    Who is this kid kidding? He has no Emotion, No natural charistma and not a good sence of humor. His songs only benefit the clueless peeps out there. Although I do give him an A for Effort, but I really dont see anything good comming out of this so called Actor. He's just waisting valuable TV time from Nick. and He's also blocking the other good talent Nick has. no wonder Disney Channel has the better talent. I would rate Nat Wolf a two his A for effort spiked him up there. but its all down hill for this kid. I mean come on how hard is it to get a few acting lessons and try to improve himself? Clearly he is really spoiled because he takes everything for granted, and his true song writing comes from pointless Ideas. Heres a few...
    Hardcore Wrestlers? They are all mostly drugg addicts and lets not forget some of them are crazy.
    Fishing for Love: (fishing is a sport and it takes time and patience the way he wrote it is like going to a swiming pool
    Long distance ( I doubt he has really been in a real long distance relation ship)

    so most of his song writing is fake. he doesnt even know what he's talking about. If he were to actually read this review i would advice him to just quit the show and call off the band. it will save him alot of embarasments in the near future. before he hits rock-bottom.
  • I think that Nat is amazing. He is so talented, and NBB is really getting popular! I give him a 10! And haters. Come on! Why waste all your time on someone that you dont like. Wtf. Well, keep up the good work Nat[:

    I think that Nat is amazing. He is so talented, and Nbb is getting really, really popular! There music is great. I give him a 10! I cant wait for season two. On sidekicks, their acting was so good. It looks really good, and theres going to be lots of special guests and apperances. The Naked Brothers band is a great addition to Nickelodeon! And haters. Come on! If you hate him so much, then why are you wasting all of your time? Hows your show doing? Thats what i thought. Lmao. Well anyways, Keep up the good work! You are awesome!
  • The show is crap, Im under the age of 15 and I think its crap, everything is so corny!!! If he wasn't famous, 97% of the people who love him, wouldn't. What kinda songs are Crazy Car anyway?

    I dont care about Nat Wolff enough to write more. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .... . . . . . . n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n nn n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n nn n n n a a a a a a a a a t t t t t t t t t s s s s s s s u u u u u u c c c c c c c c k k k k k k k s s s ss s s ss also a very horrible actor and has an overinflated ego. y y y e e s s h e s u c k s, h e d o e s
  • empty

    I think that the Naked Brothers Band is great. If you don't like them then you are probably over the age of 15. The show and music was not meant for an adult to watch. Haven't you noticed that their show is on NICKELODEON. It's a KIDS SHOW! They are just kids. It's pretty pathetic that you are saying personal things about them when you don't even know them. Take your anger out on someone else. And about Wikipedia saying that he doesn't write his own songs..... WIKIPEDIA HAS FALSE INFORMATION! They are talented kids. I agree to exactly what Wareboy said.
  • Man this guy sucks! Why do the girls go for this loser!

    I hate this guy! Have you heard this guy sing? It sounds like a cat scratching at a window or a teacher running her long nails down a chalkboard. And this guy thinks he can sing? God he sounds bad! He's ugly too, no offense to the Nat lovers. People also think he's hot and want to marry him and stuff like that. This guy isn't even pretty. He's the ugliest person on Earth. His songs are mediocre too. I just hate him! Everyone likes him but they made a huge mistake. He needs to stop acting and singing.

    Final Score: F
  • An actor.

    My first review under 10.0, I think it's time!! Nat Wolff, you are not a bad actor but need more of comedy and how you are working with comedy, but on other wise I guess your show is ok. Anybody who hates him or the show, it's your opinion, I am not fighting with it. I only write reviews on my opinions, unless I lie by accident :l or on purpose but don't take it seriously. Well that's all, see yea. This is my review for NBB's Nat Wolff, keep on rocking. California, Here We Come!! - Halo, peace out. (review)
  • nat is awesome! people gotta start to give him a chance.. he's great!

    nat wolff is soo amazing!! i wish i was in the naked brothers band! i would love to be in the show and the band! i have soo many of their songs on my ipod! they rock! people gotta give them more then 1 chance to prove they can rock out! come on guys.. the NBB rocks.. and Nat is the best character! he may not be the best at everything.. but he sure is good!! he sings about things that relate to kids and teens.. and is a truthful song writer.. people just cant see that!!! nat rocks my soccer socks!!!!!
  • this guy sucks!!!!

    nat does not write his own songs. search it up on wikipedia. he sucks monkey balls!!!! >:-(

    Nat wolf is the most retarded retard i have ever seen or heard. He is a spoiled brat and nickelodeon was stupid to come up with such a retarded show. He sucks monkey balls, AND elephant balls. i don't even know how thats possible. And he does it at the SAME TIME!! i proba... CAN sing better then him! i want to fight him in a sword-battle to the death!!!! Hopefully nat will get hit by a craaaaaazy car. Then he will start to sing as he goes to hell.

    I am Artemis Fowl and I approve this message! :P !!!! he deserves a negative infinity/10!!!!
  • Nat is short for "NATural"

    I read something about Nat and Alex the other day. It was a little confusing, so maybe you can help me out. After all, fourteen is a confusing age. Anyhow..the article or review I read went something like this.. "Nat Wolff sucks. Nat Wolff has the worst voice ever. Alex is cute but weird".

    Ok, that "fan" has voiced his/her opinion(probably some jealous guy) and now I'm going to explain how things really are. You can disagree with me IF you want to, but of course you will be wrong! Nat is one of the most God gifted writers around..even at his age. Ok, so he hasn't written Beethoven's 5th..but I think that's been done, so Nat writes his naked soul. A little strange, a lot cool, but it's Nat and he's going to be around for a LONG time. As for his voice, you need to listen closely and watch what he does. He adlibs, phrases and works a vocal by instinct. You don't teach that. Either you can do it or you can't. And a final word about Nat. This is a nice kid. He's different and has different feel about him, but he's a quality kid in every respect.

    As for Alex..Oh boy..where do you start? One of the most natural reflex drummers around. Again, either you can or you can't. Alex can. Yeah, he's different. And another really good kid. Be nice to Alex. It's for your own good!
    Better get used to him too. Once you do, you'll love him!

    Look guys, don't resent anybody for the success they have. you too are gifted! In every one of us there is a dream. You just have to find a way to make it happen. My dream is writing and making movies. And thanks in part to a great guy, Robert Rodriguez, I do that.. You can build your dream. It's like a baby. You conceive it, get it born, then raise it. And all the while you protect it and fight for it. And you "never" give up! If you'll have faith in your dream, someone else will too.. They wouldn't allow me to captilize where I needed to, so read this carefully. It's for your own good! Michael Ware
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