Natalia Cigliuti

Natalia Cigliuti


9/6/1978, New York City, New York, USA

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Natalia Gigliuti, Natalie Cigliuti
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Natalia Cigliuti is an American film and television actress known for her roles as Lindsay Warner on Saved By the Bell: The New Cla$s in the mid-'90s, Anita Santos Warner on All My Children, and Roberta Gilardi on Raising the Bar. She was raised with two brothers (one…more


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    • Natalia: (on what she wears on a typical day) I'm a busy mom on the go, so a pair of comfy jeans, a simple, colorful top, and a pair of cute sandals always work!

    • Natalia: (about where she draws inspiration in playing the role of Roberta Gilardi on "Raising the Bar") A lot of it is fairly close to me and who I am. It's really quite easy being fiery and passionate about what you believe in. It's a lot of who I am and that's kind of where I get it all.

    • Natalia: (about having a child with Rob Rizzo; in a 2005 interview) I love children and I don't think we'll wait five years to have one. I can't think of anything more exciting than becoming a mom.

    • Natalia: I don't think I'm somebody special just because of how I look, but a self-centered character sure is a lot of fun to play. I get to say things and behave in ways I would never dream of in real life.

    • Natalia: (on being a mother to son Kaden) It's the best, most gratifying thing I've ever done. He's the snuggliest sweetest kid.

    • Natalia: (about working with Mark-Paul Gosselaar on "Raising the Bar"; in a 2009 interview) I remember when I went to go test for it... I had met him 15 years ago when I was on The New Cla$s 'cause we would do promos and stuff together. So now, to be like playing opposite him... it's really strange. (giggles)

    • Natalia: Saved by the Bell was a great learning ground for me. I learned how to work with adults. It was a show starring kids, and it was made for kids, but the fact is I was working in an adult world. You kind of grow up fast around that.

    • Natalia: (on her most memorable moment doing "Raising the Bar") I think the whole show and series has been a blast to film and be a part of. Everybody in the cast are unbelievable. Hopefully, we'll get to do more so the memories will continue. I don't have a specific moment. I really did have a blast on the show. Everyone was so great and it's so fun.

    • Natalia: I like a guy who knows how to spend money and have a good time.

  • Natalia Cigliuti is not only charming, but she is beautiful and sexy.

    I was a big fan of her first TV series, "Saved By The Bell". She may have only been 15 when she started on the show, but even then I thought she was charming. For being a teen actress her performaces on that show, was terrific.

    I also enjoyed watching her on Pacific Palisades as Rachel. It was a shame that the show was so short-lived. I was lucky enough to see her guest appearances on "Beverly Hills, 90210" as Chloe Davis. I am not much into watching the daytime soaps anymore so I never got to see her on All My Children, which used to be one of my favorite soaps. I also enjoyed her guest appearance on one of my favorite shows: CSI:Miami in which she played Toni. I wish I had the chance to see the movies that she has starred in, but haven't had the chance, Yet!

    Natalia, I give you a Thumbs Up!moreless