Natalie Fotopoulos

Natalie Fotopoulos


12/16/1983, Tampa, Florida

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Natalie Fotopoulos


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Natalie was born in Tampa, Florida, and began dancing at age 2, as both her mother and her aunt were dancers and instructors. She taught in her mother's dance school after her family moved to Tennessee, and in 2005, returned to Florida to work with her aunt in…more


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  • Woot! Natalie rules~

    Natalie rules! She is awesome! Her and Musa were an awesome combination. She is just fabulous. Her solo's... gosh! I can't do anything she does! Her little mid air cartwheels just take my breath away and the toe/leg hinges she does is amazing! She is completely inhuman! And she can dance with raw sexiness, or so much emotion. My two favorite solos from her are the one with Some Girls by Rachel Evens I think and the one with Lamentation! She is awesome! Just perfect. And when she was cut from the competition, which she shouldn't have been because Donyelle wasn't as good as her but anyway she just yelled Oompa! That was amazing. Kudos goes to her.moreless
  • very great

    Natalie was a contestant on the hit FOX show So You Think You Can Dance and this review is about her performance on that show.

    I enjoyed Natalie's upbeat attitude on the second season of So You think You Can Dance. She always made me happy even if she wasn't the best dancer in the competition. I always had a goos time watching her and I was very sad when she got voted off. The fact that she was so positive when she was voted off made me really like a lot. It's really great how someone can do that. I'd never be able too.moreless