Natalie Imbruglia





2/4/1975 , Berkleyvale, New South Wales, Australia

Birth Name

Natalie Jane Imbruglia




Natalie Jane Imbruglia was born February 4th, 1975, in New South Wales. Blue-eyed Natalie, Australian singer, songwriter, model, and actress, is the second of four daughters. Natalie's mother is English, and Natalie's father Italian, having previously sung for the band The Birds and the Bees. Natalie grew up just north of Sydney.

As a child, Natalie studied ballet, with hope of making it into a career. She also took singing lessons. After several TV auditions, Natalie appeared in spots for Coca Cola and an Australian snack called 'Twisties'.

By the age of 16, Natalie had left acting school, to start her acting career. Natalie's big break came when she was chosen to be the 'Pineapple Princess' in a chewing-gum commercial. She played a regular role on the soap opera Neighbours, hoping it would help launch her career, in a fashion similiar to Kylie Minogue, and Holly Vance. 1996, Natalie left Neighbours, after her second year. She moved to London and became immersed in the club scene, while looking for theatre work.

Natalie's attempt at songwriting paid off, getting her signed to BMG Publishing. The demo for the song 'Torn' greatly impressed RCA Records, which got her a contract. The song itself was a Ednaswap cover, and top the charts in many parts of the world. Torn was number one in the States for ten weeks, and also in the UK, becoming the most played single of the year. Eventually, Natalie's debut "Left of the Middle" was released in 1997, and sold double-platnium. Unfortunately, the next three singles after from the album after 'Torn' were generally flops.

It was at this point that Natalie became a spokesperson for cosmetics company L'Oreal. Almost a decade later, Natalie is still a model for L'Oreal, appearing in newspapers, magazines, and televisions worldwide.

Natalie Imbruglia's second album was available in 2002, and was titled "White Lilies Island". The album took nearly three years to write, due to writer's block. Unfortunately, this album was not received as well as her first song, 'Torn'.

In 2003, Natalie married long-time boyfriend, the lead singer of Silverchair, Daniel Johns. She also made her film-acting appearance in the British comedy, Jonny English. Natalie played Lorna Campbell, alongside Britain's son, Rowan Atkinson.

2005 saw the third album, "Counting Down The Days". Prior to the album, 'Shiver' was released, topping charts, and helping to sell the album itself. Natalie held a short tour to promote the album.

Natalie is often considered a one-hit-wonder in most parts of the world, for the massive success of her song 'Torn' and the floundering musical career to follow. Natalie Imbruglia has released three albums, nine singles, and ten music videos. She is currently working on an Austrailian film.