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    • Natalie: I have dabbled in a bit of design for a street label called Voodoo Dolls, and became the face of the label for a while in Asia and Australia, and they asked me to design my own line for their surf label - which was quite a few years ago now.

    • Natalie: I only learnt rock-climbing whilst I was on the set and I found it quite addictive because you have to be present in that moment and focus completely on each movement, reach out and grab, otherwise you will fall. Until I did that training, I didn't realize how many thoughts are constantly pouring through your head, and you can become really quite unfocused in normal day-to-day life. It's almost like an active meditation, which is really difficult, but I love it.

    • Natalie: My sister is a regular performer and actually lives in Nashville, so I just fell in love with the place. I always thought it was a city solely for country music, but realised very quickly that all the best musicians are there and they can play everything. It's an incredibly inspiring place to be and I want to buy a home out there -- we are looking at that already. The people out there are amazing. They have retained their heart and haven't succumbed to capitalism -- you really feel that southern warmth the minute you step off the plane.

    • Natalie: Personally, I'm a bit of a chameleon when it comes to fashion -- I mix Prada with something vintage I might pick up from Portobello market. But I really have to think about it now for my music, what with image being so important.

    • Natalie: It seems that I have always been singing and acting and I see them both as equally important to me. I trained at The Old Vic but music has been in the house from when I was young, so it's in my blood. It's great that I can do both and I am really excited about where my career will go from here.

    • Natalie: I went out to Nashville for a few weeks during filming to do some recording, and ended up writing a song for Vanessa Williams while I was there.