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Natalie Morales is a up and coming actress who stars as Wendy Watson in The Middleman. Before landing her role in "The Middleman" she appeared in a guest role on "CSI: Miami" and in the movie "Miami Vice". She began acting by accident when she took a summer…more


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    • Natalie Morales: I do like video games. I have to say that. I just got the Wall-E Game for the Wii and I am really excited about it, but I don't want to play it until Wall E comes out this weekend because I don't want it to give away anything. While I was filming in Vancouver, I was known to at like midnight when I couldn't sleep after working, play Wii golf in my underwear in my hotel room. I do like video games and I guess I'm kind of similar. I'm such a nerd, I am very similar to Wendy. I can't lie about that.

    • Natalie Morales:(About "Quitters") Quitters is a pilot that I produced late last year with-and the writer on the show is Bain Hanson, who is an incredibly talented man who produced it along with me and directed and he's in it. It came off of a sketch that we used to do in this company called Sitcoms Blow. It was a sketch company here in LA. We used to do this sketch that was just wildly popular called "Tape Recorder," which is at the end of the pilot of Quitters. So we kind of based it on that. I'm hoping that I get to do a lot more episodes of that as soon as I go on hiatus because I don't have time to do it now. It's great, I'm really proud of it. It just go into the LA TV, independent TV festival, so.

    • Natalie Morales:(On her stunts on The Middleman) The stunt work is pretty interesting, actually. Greg Barnett, who's our stunt coordinator, is just amazing. If you look him up on IMDB he has 300,000 credits and he just rules. So he just teaches me stuff and I actually get to do a lot of my own stunts. I've done wire work and a bunch of things like that, a lot of falling, and I actually love the stunt work. I really do.

    • Natalie Morales:(When asked if there are similarities between her and "Wendy") Yes, for sure they are some. She's very passionate and I think that I relate to that a lot. And I'd like to think I'm pretty witty too.

    • Natalie Morales: (On her transition from theater to TV) I did start out in theater. It's easy to make the transition, because film and TV are what I always wanted to do. I'm too subtle for theater. My professors would always tell me I had to be louder and bigger. Even in intimate moments. I just couldn't do it. You get to be subtle with a microphone and a camera in your face. Sketch and comedy, however ... the live audience in that will never be replaced by TV or film. That, I miss. Maybe I'll just start doing stand-up for the crew between takes.

    • Natalie Morales: (On sharing her name with another famous Natalie Morales) Actually, I kind of like not being easily found. So I think I'll stick with Natalie Morales. That way, everyone thinks Wendy Watson is also with child on NBC, getting baby supplies sent to her. Free stuff is awesome!

    • Natalie Morales: (On what superpower she would like) I'd wanna fly and I'd really like to be invisible when I wanted to be.

    • Natalie Morales: (On her first acting class) That was that. Never looked back. My teacher and my friends that year changed my life forever.

    • Natalie Morales: (On what makes "The Middleman" different from other crime fighting shows) I think the comedy. One of the reasons I'm so happy about this and so proud to do it is, there really aren't enough funny roles for girls out there. This is really different from 'Alias' or 'Heroes' in that it is comedic. It's got kind of a 'Get Smart'/ 'Men in Black' vibe.

    • Natalie Morales:(About the chemistry on the set of "The Middleman") The show is gorgeous. Matt's really funny. Brit [Morgan] and I hit it off the second we met. We're totally GREAT friends off the set as well. Mary Pat Gleason is like the most amazing person on the planet. I wish I could clone her and make her small and keep her in my pocket. Jake [Smollett, who plays Noser] is friggin' awesome. The sweetest guy. I'm so happy with the cast and crew, it's really a blessing.

    • Natalie Morales: (On how casting for the pilot went) Oh, man. The day I auditioned for The Middleman was like the worst day ever. I woke up late, my car got broken into, and I got a ticket. Those are the big things I can remember. I'm sure I stubbed my toe and walked around with food on my face or something like that as well. But, other than that, the audition went well.

    • Natalie Morales: (On why she was attracted to her role on The Middleman) I really loved the fact that it was giving a voice to people like me. Wendy Watson and I are definitely not the same person, but she'd for sure fit in my group and be one of my friends. I love the fact that I wasn't auditioning for a stereotypical Latina role. She wasn't the sexy, spicy maid who stole a husband away from his wife. She was just a regular girl.

    • Natalie Morales: (On landing her role as Wendy on The Middleman) Well, it was an audition…. Then call back, then another callback, then a nerve-racking audition for the network, then a camera test… and then! The landing of the role. Yesssss! It was like a month long process.

  • Big Mistake

    It's a big mistake messing with the dynamics on White Collar to add a female flirt character after people have already begun to love the Neal/Peter relationship. And it's even worse when it's thrust into your face. I think there are already enough strong female characters on the show without adding Cruz. She's just a distraction.

    Morales tries hard but it just looks that way. I don't think she is that good an actress and the show would be better off without her.

    What happened to the Diana character?

    I don't think that she has any chemistry with the other characters on the show and the flirting just feels forced and fake.moreless