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  • Green disc necklace worn on Wed. May 8

    Could you please tell me where Natalie Morales got her beautiful green disc necklace that she wore on the Today Show on Wed. May 8. Is it blown glass?

    By the way, I think Natalie Morales is beautiful and she is one of the reasons I enjoy the morning show. She has class and a lovely personality.

  • Tiired too.....

    All of you need to stop talking over each

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  • Please vote her off!

    Natalie exhibits over the top persona. Please be more humble - it will serve you well!
  • Everyone Talking together!

    It would be nicer IF we could understand what is said on the show. This should not be a contest to see how many can talk at the same time. You can stop your inane (ha ha) laughter and needless dry quips by you and mainly AL and the others while ONE really talks to us.

    his is a Chinese fire drill too much!!!!!!!
  • poor ears

    I find Natalie's voice extremely annoying and irritating especially in large doses. When I am in a room away from the TV, it is even moreso.
  • Natalie Morales

    I don't watch the show anymore, Natalie has absolutely no personality and always seems put out and like she hates her job! She is rude to people too! She adds nothing to the show and that's why I stopped watching.
  • Vote her off!

    Totally agree with posted review. I only watch Today after 9:00 because GMA is over and will stop. I am so sick of Natalie constantly talking over the guests because she thinks what she has to say is so much more important. Why have guests? Just let Natalie talk because she does anyway. She is rude. I vote her off!

  • Natalie Morales

    In my opinion The Today Show needs to show this woman the door. As long as she remains on the show I will not watch. She is rude, constantly interrupting other people. She is so full of herself. Natalie wake up, you are not all that.