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  • natalie portman is the best israeli actor!!

    natali portman is the best!!!

    she was born in israel and named her first son: like the first letter in the hebrew language!!

    you give us alot of pride and im sorry im not writing this text in hebrew but dosent let me!!!

    come visit!!

  • V for Vendetta,Closer,The Other Boleyn Girl.

    She has talent. Very promising young actress. Her roles have taken her to the A-list celebrities of Hollywood. She truely knows how to take the form of the character she is playing. I was especially impressed with her role as Anne Boleyn in the movie the Other Boleyn girl. She played the innocent and the b!tch. I like the way she can change her facial expressions really quickly in suitable moments. V for Vendetta was a good movie but I wasn't too happy about her acting and I really don't think she was right for the role. She was way too light. She has superb acting skills but, in my oponion Natalie,dosen't always know which roles to pick. Another thing I think that she does is, she depends on her outer image way too much. You can't just stand there and look gorgeous and expect an oscar to be handed to you. No you have to earn it. So I think she is awesome but she could do alot better.
  • She is a good actress, but she is using her fame to try to force her views on people, just like Sarandon and Tim Robbins and many other. it's hard to respect someone who does that.

    The fact that people diagreed that it's hard top respect someone who forces their views on people just goes to show how some people can't think for themselves and think actors should be telling them how to think. She may be a very smart and attractive woman, but she is pretty ignorant on the ways of the world.

    I'm not sure why she is on here, because her career has mostly been on the big screen. I do thinks she is very hot, even though alot of her views are not. I lost respect for her when she said she did the "Choose or Loose" and she said that she was telling people to vote Democrat, that show is supposed to get people to vote, not to get people to vote how you want them to. It's not becaus it was Democrat, it's becuase it's wrong, she made it about her, which wasn't what that was supposed to be about. I think that made me lose repect for MTV, even though it has sucked for about 8 years before that. I have not seen everything she has been in, I have liked her in the majority of the shows I have seen her in.
  • I really like Natalie Portman, but she does have some downsides.

    I really like Natalie Portman, but she does have some downsides. I have some upsides for her too though. She went to HARVARD College! That means she is really smart. She also is a very talented actress. She was also on one of my favorite shows, The Colbert Report, for an episode. Some downsides are her hair. She looks SO bad with short hair. I know she wants to probably start a trend, but it's not worling. Other stars are probably disturbed by it! Although, she was in an off Broadway musical. I like Broadway, but off-Broadway is not as exciting.
  • Natalie Portman is very interesting actress!

    Natalie Portman obviously is very well known around the globe for being Queen Amidala and Padme Skywalker in the Star Wars movies but also does regular movies with Zac Braff and a famous movie V for Vendetta. Natalie Portman is also very smart since she did earn honors in high shool and even attended Harvard! Natalie does not have any siblings unfortunately so she is very independent and also thinks for herself. She is a very talented actress and we will probably see more of Natalie Portman in the future. She is a very young and determined actress making it into Hollywood.
  • loved her in the prequel star wars movies

    Natalie Portman is a very beautiful women, I haven't seen to many movies with her, But I did see Star Wars Episodes 1,2,and 3 and she grow more beautiful with each movie, Attack of the Clones is when I fell for her, the clothes she whore not to metion how hot she looked in them was my downfall, and it got worse with Revenge of the Sith. She is also a very talented actress she showed a lot of emotion in all 3 star wars movies, and I was sad that her character died at the end of Revenge of the Sith.
  • She is an Angel.

    She is like an Angel come down from heaven to give us a peak at the joys we hope to see, and a reason to hope that heaven exists. Her acting is flawless, but her beauty makes her acting seem dull and flashless. I can only hope I am swept away to oblivion by one of such beauty.
  • Very nice actress.

    I have only seen three movies with Natalie Portman. Those three are The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. The role of Padme Amidala was one of the best roles she had ever had. I find it sad that her character died miserably. I think she is one of the best Star Wars actresses alive.
  • Great Role Model

    I have know of Natalie Portman for a few years now and watched many of her films in that period, but I have never been a fan of hers until the other day - when I watched ‘Garden State’. I really thought she did a job good in it as she was amazing! So after watching her in Garden State I researched her on the internet, which made me even more fascinated by her. I was aware of her previous of Garden State, but I didn’t realise how many of her films I’ve seen, and actually liked. Which as a lot. I also really like the fact that she’s a good role model, epically to teenage girls! That’s my favourite thing about her. She often portrays characters that are rather smart, mature, and grown up for their age.
    - She stated in a TV interview that with the exception of the Star Wars prequels, she will not act for the next four years in order to concentrate on studying at Harvard University.
    - She can speak five languages fluently. Hebrew and English (her native languages), as well as French, German, and Japanese. She also knows some Spanish.
    - Originally turned down the role of Ann August in the film Anywhere But Here (1999) because of the love scene between herself and Corbin Allred that required nudity. Susan Sarandon, who had co-star approval, said she couldn't continue the movie without Portman, so the script was re-written without the scene and she accepted the role.
    - Was the first choice to play Juliet in Romeo + Juliet (1996) but turned it down because of the scenes and the age difference between her and Leonardo DiCaprio.
    Turned down the title role in Adrian Lyne's Lolita (1997), due to her feelings about young adult actors/actresses being exposed to sex in films
    - Has said in interviews that when she gets older, she would like to be a doctor like her father.
    - Takes pride in the fact that she is a role model for girls and chooses roles that are positive so that they will have a positive role model to look up to.
    - [Natalie Portman] "I also feel I'm a positive role model by not putting my education on hold."
    - [Natalie Portman] "I'm going to college. I don't care if it ruined my career. I'd rather be smart than a movie star."