Natalie Ramsey

Natalie Ramsey


10/10/1975, Milton, Massachusetts, USA

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Natalie Ramsey


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    • She was born on October the 10th 1975.

      Eye colour: Blue.

      Hair: Brown shoulder length.

      Natalie attended Pierce Middle School before then going to Milton High School, in Milton, Massachusetts. Devoted was informed of this by one of Natalie's high school friends. Apparently she enjoyed playing field hockey. She was a popular girl and dated her first serious high school boyfriend for four years.

      Nat has said that she doesn't remember, specifically, what it was that made her want to become an actress. In an interview she said that "I used to want to be Laura Ingalls Wilder from "Little House on the Prairie" and I think that's where it started".

      She became very serious about acting from an early age, after she was discovered by a talent scout as she was out walking with her friends. He gave her his card and as a result she started attending acting classes at Bruce Ducats Studio Actreel, which is based in Hollywood. She is mentioned on the Studio Actreel website (which I have linked to on my links pages). Her first television appearance was on a commercial where she played a student who was away at university and was home sick talking to her mother on the phone. Natalie's real life mother also appeared in the commercial.

      When Natalie got her first big acting break she was in her late teens. And what a break it was! The first show she appeared in was the popular Party of Five. Then she went straight into another big American show, Pacific Blue. She joined The Savage Agency who helped her get a role in the award winning film Pleasantville. It is also rumoured that she has been in the hit shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Days of our Lives (according to the official Local Boys site). I am currently working on getting this confirmed.

      She has worked with some big names in the acting world including Brittany Murphy, Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Toby Maguire, William H Macy, Michael Biehn, Jessica Biel, John Franklin, Kerr Smith and Reese Witherspoon.

      She has worked with the actor Eric Christian Olsen a lot, in Local Boys and many times in Get Real. She has also worked with actor Giuseppe Andrews on more than one occasion. She has worked with him in Local Boys, Pleasantville and The Other Sister. Giuseppe has also appeared in Boston Public, as Natalie has done. Can you blame him for wanting to act alongside Nat?!

      She is not shy when it comes to romancing with stars on film. She has had to do three big kissing scenes in three of her major films. She kisses Mark (played by Douglas Spain who has also appeared in Pacific Blue) in Cherry Falls and Gabriel (Paul Popowich) in Children of the Corn 666, who she also takes part in a mild sex scene with. She takes part in a fairly graphic sex scene with Kerr Smith in new film Cruel Intentions 3.

      Nat enjoys swimming and surfing in her spare time– which are the perfect talents for a role on new tv show Beyond the Break.

      She likes listening to classic rock and 80's music.

      She admits that she is a tomboy, which she can relate to her character in Beyond the Break, Lacey. "I have my girlie days but I'd say that most of my life I've pretty much hung out with boys," she says. "Growing up, my parents couldn't understand why I'd come home from neighborhood war bleeding with all the boys".

      Natalie once broke her arm when she was in her teens, while skateboarding.

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