Natalie Saleeba

Natalie Saleeba


Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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    • Natalie: [On Neighbours] It's quirky and funny and it has a great fantasy element.

    • Natalie: I think the reason you would do a Hollywood blockbuster would be for stardom and money. I don't think they are necessarily fulfilling reasons to do it. Personally I would love to do an Australian film. Especially one like Wolf Creek - that would be amazing.

    • Natalie: I came to the conclusion that I am not really cut out to be a TV star. I am not a TV star at all, I just can't do it. I am not into doing all the events and going to the opening of a wound as they say.

    • Natalie: [On Neighbours] I was nervous about the schedule, but have been surprised. We churn through the scenes, but it's lots of fun.

    • Natalie: [On playing a virgin in Neighbours] That's just typical. My whole life I've been playing virgins and lesbians!

    • Natalie: [On commencing her role on Neighbours with three others] It was great we all started together. It can be intimidating joining an established cast, but this was easy.