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    • Natalie: I've had a goal and a vision for what I want to do, and there's not been a question that I'm going to do it. It's driven me silently. I'm proud of myself for trusting my goals enough to go with them. I've done things by myself and I've done okay.

    • Natalie: As far as TV goes, it was always really hard for me to get TV jobs other than commercials. I got to the point where I thought this was not going to happen; I just wasn't right for television.

    • Natalie: My biggest fear, as far as fashion goes, is showing up in something somebody else is wearing. Sometimes I take that to the extreme, but I really like to come up with new... variations of old things.

    • Natalie: (on having a crush on Bill Murray and Steve Martin) It's a funny guy thing. I'm not one of those ladies - normally - I don't really have a type, so I can't say. But if those two guys weren't funny, absolutely not.

    • Natalie: (on doing stage work) I wanted to be terribly serious, always frowning and thinking really contemplative thoughts. I just wanted people to think I was so smart.

    • Natalie: (on wanting to direct) I'm dying to get behind a camera if someone will just give me one. There's just something about the creative control that you just don't get as an actor.

    • Natalie: There was a small, apparently very significant moment in high school when I was in drama class and realized it's [acting] harrowing. Especially when you first get into it and you realize the power you have as a performer and you want to keep doing it forever.

    • Natalie: When I was in high school and wanted to be this terribly serious theatrical actor, I would watch television and scoff and take pity on these poor television actors. I was stupid, I was 16, what did I know?

    • Natalie: (on being star-struck with the cast of "Dirty Sexy Money") When you see it in print or you talk about it, it just sounds like you're lying. But then when I'm at work, I'm at work. You're in makeup, and people are in their pajamas, and it's not nearly as intimidating in person as it is when referencing it.

    • Natalie: (on the show "Dirty Sexy Money") Hookery is such a great dirty word. And so is the show. There was no transition there whatsoever. It's a great show.

    • Natalie: (on her leaving "Passions") Although I enjoyed my experience, and learned quite a bit, especially initially, I know that the best thing for my career, and my craft, is to pursue new challenges. So after some deliberation, an amicable parting of ways seemed to be the best decision.

    • Natalie: (on what inspired her to pursue acting) I'm not exactly sure what inspired me or pushed me to want to do it, it was just sort of built in I think.